CAVPOOL Reserved Parking

Parking and Transportation has added reserved parking spaces for Cavpools in many of the parking garages on Grounds as well as some surface parking lots. Cavpool reserved parking spaces are typically located near building entrances, on the main level of a garage, and/or convenient to a bus stop or shelter. These spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

These spaces may only be used by registered Cavpool groups with a permit to park at that facility. Cavpool permit holders for another parking area may not use a Cavpool parking space in a lot/garage they are not regularly permitted to park in. For example, Culbreth Road Garage Cavpool spaces are only for A9 Cavpool permit holders. An A9 Cavpool permit may not be used to park in an Emmet/Ivy Garage (EIG) Cavpool parking space.

Cavpool Reserved Parking Sign
Parking Facility Space Location Total Designated Spaces
BLUE at U-Hall U-Hall East Bus Shelter 2
BLUE at U-Hall U-Hall West Bus Shelter 3
Culbreth Road Garage (A9) Main Level 4
E1 at Facilities Management Near Ramp to Leake Drive 2
Emmet/Ivy Garage (EIG) Main Level near Elevator Lobby 3
RED at Scott Stadium Under West Shelf 3
Crispell Drive Garage Main Level near Middle Stairwell 12
U9 at Fontaine Research Park Near 400 Ray C. Hunt 3

Have an idea for a reserved parking space? Let us know!