What is Transportation Demand Management

At the Department of Parking and Transportation, we consider it an integral part of our mission to provide transportation services that are not only safe, reliable and convenient, but also sustainable and environmentally responsible. In order to achieve this, the Transportation Demand Management (TDM) division of P&T is working to make it easier for members of the University community to travel without using single-occupancy vehicles. We would like to make the University Transit Service as efficient and user friendly as possible while complimenting Charlottesville Area Transit. We are working to advocate carpool programs and to create greater incentives for carpool users. Cyclists and pedestrians are an important and environmentally responsible part of the transportation fabric of our community as well. TDM:  Transportation Demand Management

The TDM division is dedicated to advocating improvements for those who travel under their own power. If you have any input or suggestions or need help finding a better way to commute, feel free to contact us.


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