Upcoming Opportunities

Parking and Transportation is pleased to host several learning opportunities throughout the year.

Bike Maintenance Clinics

Bike UVA will be hosting a series of bike maintenance workshops during the Spring 2014 semester. Bike UVA ambassadors Jake and David will teach cyclists basic maintenance skills to properly maintain their bikes. Stop by anytime during the workshop. Find Bike UVA on Facebook: www.facebook.com/BIKEUVA

January 2014
Thursday, January 23: O-Hill Dining Hall Bike Fix-It Station (5pm-7pm)
Thursday, January 30: O-Hill Dining Hall Bike Fix-It Station (5pm-7pm)

February 2014
Thursday, February 20: Gooch Lounge 382 (5pm-7pm)
Thursday, February 27: Clark Hall Bike Fix-It Station (5pm-7pm)

March 2014
Wednesday, March 19: Campbell Hall Bike Fix-It Station (5pm-7pm)
Wednesday, March 26: O-Hill Dining Hall Bike Fix-It Station (5pm-7pm)

April 2014
Thursday, April 10: O-Hill Dining Hall Bike Fix-It Station (5pm-7pm)
Thursday, April 17: Lambeth Commons (5pm-7pm)
Tuesday, April 22 (EARTH DAY): Clark Hall Bike Fix-It Station (5pm-7pm)

Bike UVA Spring 2014 Maintenance Workshop Schedule

Please follow our Sustainability@P&T Blog for updates on our programs and announcements regarding future course offerings.

Past Offerings

Bike Maintenance Clinic (August 2013)

Bike UVA hosted a bike maintenance clinic at the Clark Hall Bike Fix-It Station on the Monday after Move-In to help new students learn the basics of keeping their bikes in safe and proper working order.

CAMBC Trail Work Party (Spring 2013)

Parking and Transportation partnered with the Charlottesville Area Mountain Bike Club to clean and restore a portion of the Rivanna Trail in North Grounds.

Charlottesville Bike mAPP Information Session (Spring 2012)

The Thomas Jefferson Planning District (TJPDC) developed a mobile app for iPhone and Android phones that allowed cyclists to track their trips. Trip data was collected by TJPDC planners to help improve the area bike network.

Community Bikes Open House (August 2011)

Charlottesville Community Bikes held an open house to introduce students and staff to the shop and volunteer opportunities available.

Safe Cycling (August 2011)

C'ville Bike & Tri's John Lawler led a bike safety to teach students about the rules of the road, the proper gear cyclists should have, and tips to get around Grounds safely.

Basics of Bike Maintenance (August 2011)

Blue Wheel Bicycles staff taught participants basic bike maintenance skills like changing tires and adjusting brakes.

Public Participation Forum on Transportation Issues (Summer 2011)

The CHART Committee, with assistance from Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) staff, facilitated a Public Participation Forum in which attendees were informed of major transportation issues in our region. This included discussion of transportation policy planning, transportation funding and transportation projects.

Attendees were then able to share their views on transportation issues through a quick survey that was entered into a public participation database, which will be reviewed by the MPO Policy Board.

Bike Commuting 101 (Bike Week 2011, August 2011)

Want to save on gas money? Interested in incorporating more exercise into your daily routine? Want to enjoy the commute to work more? Consider bike commuting. Think you can’t do it because you live too far away, need to run errands at lunch, or are nervous about riding in traffic? This workshop was open to anyone interested in learning the “how-to’s of bike commuting”.

Vanpooling 101 (Spring 2011, Spring 2012)

Vanpools are groups of 5 to 15 people who commute together on a regular basis in a roomy, comfortable full-size van or minivan. Because each vanpool removes as many as 14 vehicles off of the road each day, even one significantly reduces fuel consumption, traffic congestion, greenhouse gas emissions – and can put $1000 or more back into your pocket.

Parking and Transportation invited participants to enjoy a free "Lunch & Learn" session for commuters to learn more about the option of vanpooling.

Traffic Skills 101 (Earth Week 2011, Fall 2013)

Community Bikes, in cooperation with University of Virginia's Parking and Transportation and Office of the Architect, taught the League of American Bicyclists Traffic Skills 101 course.

This course is designed for people seeking more confidence and better techniques for riding in traffic. The course included classroom instruction, closed course skills drills and a group ride.