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Use this calculator to estimate your daily, monthly, and annual commuting costs. Use the resources below if you are unsure of a particular value. This tool is intended to give you an estimate of the actual costs of commuting, but should not be used as a literal cost analysis. JavaScript will need to be enabled on your browser to use this calculator.

TDM:  Transportation Demand Management
1. Enter the number of miles you drive each day to work/class:
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2. How many days per week do you drive to work/class:
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3. How many miles per gallon does your vehicle average?
4. How much do you pay per gallon of gas?
5. How much do you pay per month for parking?
6. Type of Vehicle : Car Truck Motorcycle
7. Estimated or Assessed Value of Vehicle:
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Your Daily Commuting Cost Is:
Your Monthly Commuting Cost Is:
Your Annual Commuting Cost Is:

Additional Costs to Consider:

Cost of Oil Changes Per Year:
(Based on Average Cost of $20.00 Every 3,000 Miles)
State Inspection Cost Per Year:
Vehicle License Fee Per Year:
(For Charlottesville Registered Vehicles)
Personal Property Tax on Vehicle Per Year:
(For Charlottesville Residents; $4.20 per $100 of Assessed Value)
Total Additional Costs (Per Year):

Total Cost of Commuting:
Per Day:
Per Month:
Per Year:
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Please Note That the Majority of These Resources Are External Links. All Resource Links Open In New Window.

1. Driving Miles MapQuest, Google Maps, or Yahoo!Maps
3. Miles Per Gallon U.S. Department of Energy: Fuel Ecomony Guide
4. Price Per Gallon Energy Information Administration: East Coast Gasoline Averages
5. Cost of Parking U.Va Parking & Transportation:
Permit Parking Rates
7. Estimated or Assessed Value of Vehicle Kelley Blue Book