UTS Charter Policies

All reservations, once completed, are binding between U.Va Parking and Transportation and the client and subject to the following policies:

  1. Cancellations
    • If a charter is cancelled between two business days and two hours before an event, the event will be billed a two-hour minimum (four hour minimum for the luxury coach) as a cancellation fee.
    • If a charter is cancelled less than two hours before the report time for an event, the event will be billed for the scheduled duration, up to six hours.
    • If a charter is cancelled at least two business days prior to the event, there is no penalty. A charter is not considered cancelled until the customer receives a cancellation confirmation e-mail from a charter services representative.
    • Failure to pay a deposit does not assume cancellation.
    • UTS reserves the right to cancel any charter for reasons including, but not limited to, unprofessional or threatening behavior toward the driver, blatant disregard for any charter policy, inclement weather (i.e. predicted snowfall or icy conditions), public intoxication, or failure to make a payment. This includes the immediate cancellation of a charter, even during the event, though the charter contact will be notified in this situation.
  2. If the requested vehicle type is unavailable due to mechanical reasons or reasons beyond the agency’s control, another vehicle type will be submitted at no additional cost to the customer.
  3. Charter hours billed will be an accumulation of startup, shutdown, running and layover times.
  4. UTS cannot guarantee that charters can continue more than one hour beyond the arranged end time, or past 2:00AM.
  5. If there are extra charges incurred for the charter, i.e., parking passes/fees, extra cleaning requirements, etc., these charges will be passed along to the customer.
  6. Behavioral issues or failure to pay a charter bill may result in a group being banned from chartering UTS buses.
  7. If payment for charter services is not received within thirty days after the post date for the invoice, a 10% late fee of the total cost of the event will be applied.
  8. If UTS confirms a charter but must use an outside contractor for operational reasons, UTS will absorb the difference between the outside provider's fees and UTS's fees.
  9. Logistical changes can be accepted up to three business days prior to the charter. Changes made after that time may not be accommodated.
  10. There is a 30-minute "payment-lock" window, where if the charter runs shorter or longer than the estimated time, you will not be refunded or charged extra for that amount. Any time longer than 30 minutes past the estimate, you will be invoiced for that amount; any time shorter than 30 minutes under the estimate, and you will be refunded that amount. This only applies for charters paid in advance.
  11. Alcohol Policy: UTS does not allow any open alcoholic containers on the bus at any time.  If any open containers are seen or found anywhere on the bus (with or without alcohol in them), you will be charged the Open Container Fine.

Notice: These charter policies are subject to change and customers are responsible for following the most current charter policies. Please contact our Charter Service Representative if you have any questions (434-924-6816).