How To Appeal a Citation

Please review the Appeals Policy before submitting your appeal.

Note: Appeals regarding Central Grounds Garage and/or 11th Street Garage billing notices will not be accepted as they are not parking citations.

Appeal by Mail

To appeal by mail or in person, please download the Parking Citation Appeal Form. Please complete all sections that apply completely, accurately, and legibly. Mail the completed form along with any supporting pictures or diagrams to the Parking and Transportation Office at the address listed below. Please note that pictures and diagrams will not be returned. The appeal decision will be mailed or emailed to the address you provide in the form.

Mailing Address:
U.Va Department of Parking and Transportation
ATTN: Hearings Officer
P.O. Box 400000
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4000

Appeal Online

U.Va faculty, staff, and students may log into their account to appeal a citation. You will need the citation number, license plate number of the vehicle that received the citation, and a valid U.Va computing ID (example: mst3k).

Payment/Appeal Deadlines

Payment or written appeal must be received by the Department of parking & Transportation by the due date to avoid additional penalties and loss of appeal rights.