Enforcement: Citations List

The enforcement of University Parking Regulations is primarily the responsibility of the Department of Parking and Transportation. The U.Va Police Department also exercise authority to enforce University Parking Regulations. The Department of Parking and Transportation assess fines and penalties and may revoke parking privileges of violators. Health System employees should refer to Medical Center Policy Number 0041-N for specific details applicable to Health System employees.

University of Virginia Purchasing Cards (P-Cards) may not be used to pay any citation or permit balance. Please click here to view available payment methods.

Offenses and Penalties listed below are the violations of these Regulations with the fine indicated. Fines must be paid to the Department of Parking and Transportation in person or by mail. A University Purchasing Card may not be used to pay parking citation balances. Failure to pay outstanding balances may result in additional collection efforts by a third party collection agency with additional fees. Outstanding balances may also be collected through payroll deduction after thirty days following the date of the citation or the date of the appeal decision, whichever is later.

  1. For most violations, the first ticket issued on an account in the 12 months preceding the violation date is normally a warning ticket and the fine may be waived. The warning ticket is forfeited for meter violations and all violations that carry a $200 fine. If you are unsure about warning ticket status on any particular ticket, contact Parking and Transportation.
  2. For operation of a motor vehicle by a student not entitled to motor vehicle privileges, the penalty is $200 and/or possible suspension from the University.
  3. For altering a permit the penalty is $200 and revocation of parking privileges.
  4. For purchasing, displaying, or selling a permit under false pretenses, (for example, a dorm student purchasing or displaying a commuter permit) the penalty is $200 and/or revocation of parking privileges, in addition to possible booting/towing.
  5. For parking an additional car (second cars or carpool) in a University controlled area without having paid full fees, the penalty is $200 and/or revocation or parking privileges, in addition to possible booting/towing.
  6. For improper use in the Hospital parking garages, for example, abusing a night time gate access pass, abusing the fee structure or patient validation system, or paying of hourly charges by an employee of the HSC during the course of a work schedule, the penalty is $200, possible revocation of parking privileges, and/or departmental disciplinary action after referral to the Office of the Associate Vice President for Health Services.
  7. Fraudulent Use of Permit - Persons who knowingly acquire, use, or display a parking permit with false information will be considered to be engaged in fraudulent behavior.  This includes but is not limited to: Using permits to park multiple vehicles simultaneously, displaying revoked/lost/stolen permits, and displaying permits with altered information (dates/times/locations).
  8. For improper parking, the penalties are as follows:

Explanation of Violations/Citations


Initial Fee

After 14 Days

LEVEL I Violations

View Current Rates Initial Fine + $30.00
Meter Violation - Not eligible for warning citation
Parking Overtime in a Timed Area

Level II Violations

View Current Rates Initial Fine + $30.00
Blocking Another Vehicle
Double Parking
Obstructing a Dump-site
Parking Across the Stall Line
Parking at an Improper Angle
Parking in / Obstructing a Driveway
Parking in a Bus Loading Zone
Parking in a Crosswalk
Parking in a Loading Zone
Parking in a Motorcycle Space
Parking in a Prohibited Zone
Parking in a Service Space/Area
Parking in Reserved Space/Area
Parking on Grass / Dirt / etc.
Parking on Mulched Areas
Parking on the Sidewalk
Parking over 12" from Curb
Parking with Motor Running
Parking with Wrong Side of Vehicle to the Curb
Parking within 15' of a Fire Hydrant

Level III Violations

View Current Rates Initial Fine + $30.00
Fraudulent use of a Parking Permit Vehicle Subject to Towing or Immobilization
Displaying a Counterfeit Permit
Displaying a Revoked Permit
Parking in a Fire Lane
Parking in a Disabled Parking Discharge Area
Parking in a Disabled Parking Space/Area
Parking in a Patient Only Parking Space
The Accumulation of $250 or More in Outstanding Citation Fines, and/or the fraudulent use of a Parking Permit.

Other Violations

View Current Rates Initial Fine + $30.00
Improper Display of Permit Permit holders will be issued a citation if their permit is not displayed in plain sight hanging from the rear view mirror or face-up on the dashboard of the vehicle. This citation will be considered a "warning" no more than twice per year (365 consecutive days).

Warning Tickets

Warning ticket status applies if all of the following criteria are met:

  1. No citation has been issued on an account in the 12 months preceding the current ticket issue date.
  2. The fine for the ticket is less than $200.00.
  3. The citation is not for a meter violation.

Fines are waived for warning tickets.