DART Riders

Eligibility & Application

Students, staff, and faculty of the University of Virginia, who due to a temporary or permanent disability are unable to use the fixed route bus system, may apply to use the DART service. An application must be completed to establish individual needs and service requirements.

Those applicants who are approved for DART service will receive notification and instructions. They should review the DART Riders' Guidelines prior to scheduling their first transportation service.

Applying for Service

An application must be completed to establish individual needs and service requirements. Forms are available from the following locations:

Download the DART Application (.pdf)

The applicant must complete pertinent personal information. All information disclosed in the application will be held in the strictest confidence. There is a section for verification of disability to be completed by the appropriate authority:

  • Students: The Office of Equal Opportunity Programs approves student applications for Students with Disabilities, the Student Disability Access Center, Student Health, or the Athletics Sports Medicine
  • Faculty and Staff: Employee Health or personal physician

Applications should be submitted to the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs. Approved applicants will receive notification of eligibility dates and a rider’s guide. Some riders may be eligible to receive a DART payment card for use with Yellow Cab of Charlottesville.

If the disability is temporary, approval to use the DART service will have a termination date. If recovery extends beyond the termination date, an extension of eligibility must be authorized through the proper agent. If a DART rider needs to extend eligibility beyond the established date, the rider must reapply for the service. The participant may then schedule services with the approved service providers (see below).

Service Providers

Yellow Cab of Charlottesville

The primary provider for DART services is Yellow Cab of Charlottesville. Yellow Cab has modernized to include on-line reservations and a Smart Phone “app” through Curb (formerly Taxi Magic) (see links under Contact Information).

Anytime Taxi is serving as a back-up provider for DART Services. Please note that Yellow Cab may dispatch an Anytime Taxi to fulfill a DART trip. Anytime Taxi may be contacted directly at 434-977-5521.

Yellow Cab can transport riders who use a wheelchair or scooter, provided the rider can transfer themselves to the vehicle and the wheelchair or scooter can be secured inside the vehicle.
Should trip or transport problems arise, please call Yellow Cab dispatch immediately at 434-295-4131. Service issues may also be raised via email directly with the owner of Yellow Cab, Mark Brown, at mark@cvilletaxi.com or through the DART Service Coordinator at 434-924-3095.

Contact Information

Phone: 1-800-829-4222, press 1
Phone: (434) 295-4131
Fax: (434) 295-0768(fax)
Reserve Online: www.cvilletaxi.com


JAUNT, Inc. is a regional transportation system providing service to the citizens of Charlottesville, Albemarle, Fluvanna, Louisa, Nelson, Buckingham and Amherst Counties. Organized in 1975, JAUNT is recognized both statewide and nationally for its high quality service, performance record and efficient coordinated service. Their shuttles are lift equipped.

Contact Information

Phone: (434) 296-3184, press 3
Fax: (434) 296-4269
Online: www.ridejaunt.org
JAUNT prefers 24-hour notice of requirements for weekdays and a Friday at noon requirement for weekend trips, but will accommodate to the best of their ability, up to one hour before the trip. JAUNT will schedule weekly transports which may be called in 7-days in advance. JAUNT shuttles are equipped with wheelchair lifts.    
Short notice trips will be accommodated as availability allows with as much as a 30-minute response time on a first-come first-served basis. Should trip or transport problems arise, notify the appropriate JAUNT dispatcher immediately, and phone the DART Service Coordinator at (434) 924-3095.  

Using the Service

Service Times

DART rides are available whenever University Transit (UTS) is in service. If UTS is not in service (for example during football games, on weekends during the summer and  student holiday periods) DART service is not available. To determine if UTS is in service, visit http://www.virginia.edu/parking/service/schedule.html. If a ride is provided by the taxi company during a time when UTS is not running, or after the rider’s eligibility has expired, the resulting charges may be passed on to the DART rider.

DART User's Guide

Service Area

The DART ride starting and ending point must be located within the UTS service area (see map). If the taxi service is used to travel outside of the service area, the meter will be turned on at the service area boundary and the rider will be personally responsible for the portion of the fare outside the service area.

Rider Responsibilities

DART riders who use a wheelchair or scooter are expected to be able to transfer to the taxi on their own. DART riders are expected to wear seat belts, maintain mobility devices in good working order, and maintain control of service animals. DART riders should be on time, courteous, and be specific about trip logistics including pick up and drop off points. DART riders are responsible for knowing the UTS service times, service area, and expiration date of their eligibility. If an extension of eligibility is needed, a rider must contact the DART Service Coordinator, Melissa Oliver, prior to the expiration date of the service.

Driver Responsibilities

DART drivers are expected to be proficient in DART services and protocol and to comply with the University of Virginia’s standards of conduct. Driver should be on time and should behave professionally, responsibly, respectfully, and courteously. The driver may not charge extra fees for assistance or for one additional passenger. Click here for additional information.

Additional Passengers and Quick Stops

Provided the pick-up and drop-off points are the same, one additional passenger may ride with the DART rider at no additional charge. Fees payable at the time of the ride will apply to additional passengers beyond the one that is included and to additional passengers with different pick up and drop off points. Within reason, quick stops within a trip that is already underway may be incorporated into an existing DART Ride. Examples of reasonable quick stops are cashing a check, using an ATM, dropping off a book or paper.

Scheduling DART Rides

  • Rides may be scheduled on an as needed basis 30-40 minutes in advance and/or can be scheduled as round trips, recurring trips, or trips in the future (for example, all trips for the week can be scheduled at the beginning of the week). See item #3 below for scheduling recurring rides.
  • To schedule by phone, call Yellow Cab at (434) 295-4131. Please note, Anytime Taxi is Yellow Cab’s back up provider. The Yellow Cab Dispatcher may send an Anytime Taxi for a DART ride. Be aware that there may be other taxi companies with the name Yellow Cab so be sure to use the contact information provided in this guide.
  • To book online, or to obtain instructions for booking with the Curb app (formerly Taxi Magic) or by text, visit  www.cvilletaxi.com, click on “book a taxi” and follow the prompts.
  1. Identify yourself as a “DART rider.”  If booking over the phone, alert the dispatcher verbally. If booking on line or through the app, type “DART” in the comments. Identifying yourself as a DART rider alerts Yellow Cab that you are affiliated with the DART program and you should receive priority service.
  2. Notify the cab company of the ride instructions including:
    • Telephone number at which the dispatcher or driver can easily text or call you
    • Pick up and drop off times
    • Pick up and drop off locations (physical addresses)
    • Companion – yes/no
    • Service animal – yes/no
    • Mobility aid that must be handled by the driver (for example, wheelchair or scooter that must be stowed)
    • Preferred communication method (cell phone, text)
    • Special instruction (for example, “do not honk”, “must be in northeast corner of the intersection”, “cannot cross street without assistance”, etc.)
  3. To schedule recurring rides, email Mark Brown at mark@cvilletaxi.com with the same information noted in item 2 above. Mark Brown will schedule the recurring ride and email a confirmation to you.  To avoid possible “no show” charges, remember to cancel recurring rides that may not be needed for any reason (Spring Break, Fall Reading Days, etc.)

Cancellations, Late Arrivals and No Shows

Cancellation of service requests should be called in 30 minutes prior to the scheduled pick up time. If the taxi reports to the pick-up point and the DART Rider is not present, the driver will wait 5 minutes from the requested arrival time while attempting to reach the DART rider. If the DART rider does not report within 5 minutes, the rider will be considered a “no show” and the charge for that ride may be passed on to the requestor.

Inclement Weather

Inclement weather may impact response time. Therefore, extra time should be built in during inclement weather incidents. In cases of severe inclement weather, DART service may require modification or cancellation. To the degree possible, public announcements will be made through available media to inform users of service availability.  The driver may not charge extra fees for service during inclement weather.

Problems or Concerns

If you experience any problems with scheduling, please contact Mark Brown, owner of Yellow Cab, at mark@cvilletaxi.com.  If you have any other problems or concerns with the program, please contact Melissa Oliver, DART Service Coordinator, by email at mo3a@virginia.edu or by phone at (434) 924-3095.