DART Riders

Eligibility for Service

Students, staff, staff and faculty of the University of Virginia, who because of a temporary or permanent disability are unable to use the fixed route bus system, may be determined eligible to use the DART service. An application must be completed to establish individual needs and service requirements.

Those applicants who are approved for DART service, should review the DART Riders' Guidelines prior to scheduling their first transportation service (see below).

Applying for Service

An application must be completed to establish individual needs and service requirements. Forms are available from the following locations:

Download the DART Application (.pdf)

The applicant must complete pertinent personal information. All information disclosed in the application will be held in the strictest confidence. There is a section for verification of disability to be completed by the appropriate authority:

  • Students: The Office of the Assistant to the Director for Special Projects approves student applications for Students with Disabilities or the Student Disability Access Center.
  • Faculty and Staff: Employee Health must approve faculty and staff applications.

Applications should be submitted to the Office of the Assistant to the Director for Special Projects who maintains the master participant list. Once the application is received and a determination of eligibility has been made, the applicant's name is placed on the authorized participant list. The participant list with updates, as necessary, is forwarded via fax, to service providers and the Department of Parking and Transportation (FAX 434-924-3980). The participant may then schedule services with the approved service providers (see below).

If the disability is temporary, approval to use the DART service will have a termination date. If recovery extends beyond the termination date, an extension of eligibility must be authorized through the proper agent. If the disability is permanent, participants are required to contact the Office of the Director of Special Projects by September 1st each year to request renewal of authorization for the coming year or risk being dropped from the participant list.

Available Service Providers

When making your reservation, please have the following information ready:

  • Pick Up Time and Location (Physical Address if Possible)
  • Destination (Physical Address if Possible)
  • Return Trip Pick Up Time and Location (if applicable)
  • Phone Number that Dispatchers and Drivers Can Easily Reach You At
  • Any Accompaniment, such as an Attendant/Escort or Service Animal

Yellow Cab

The primary provider for DART services is Yellow Cab. Yellow Cab has recently modernized to include on-line reservations and a Smart Phone “app” through Taxi Magic (see links under Contact Information). If scheduling by phone, please call the morning of the day rides are needed to schedule all the rides for that day, including return trips. If reserving by phone, it is wise to re-check on reservations made earlier in the day as the reservation approaches. Please note that there is no requirement to tip Yellow Cab drivers.

Contact Information

Phone: 1-800-829-4222, press 1
Phone: (434) 295-4131
Fax: (434) 295-0768(fax)
Reserve Online: www.cvilletaxi.com
Smart Phone App: www.taximagic.com
Trips that were not reserved in advance will be accommodated on a first-come, first serve basis. Please allow as many as 30-minutes for a response time.  
Within reason, quick stops within a trip that is already underway may be incorporated into Yellow Cab rides. Examples of reasonable quick stops are cashing a check, using an ATM, or dropping off an envelope or report.  
Anytime Taxi is serving as a back-up provider for DART Services. Please note that Yellow Cab may dispatch an Anytime Taxi to fulfill a DART trip. Anytime Taxi may be contacted directly at 434-977-5521.  
Should trip or transport problems arise, please call Yellow Cab dispatch immediately at 434-295-4131. Service issues may also be raised via email directly with the owner of Yellow Cab, Mark Brown, at mark@cvilletaxi.com or through the Assistant to the Director of Equal Opportunity Programs for Special Projects at 434-924-3095.  


JAUNT, Inc. is a regional transportation system providing service to the citizens of Charlottesville, Albemarle, Fluvanna, Louisa, Nelson, Buckingham and Amherst Counties. Organized in 1975, JAUNT is recognized both statewide and nationally for its high quality service, performance record and efficient coordinated service.

Contact Information

Phone: (434) 296-3184, press 3
Fax: (434) 296-4269
Online: www.ridejaunt.org
JAUNT prefers 24-hour notice of requirements for weekdays and a Friday at noon requirement for weekend trips, but will accommodate to the best of their ability, up to one hour before the trip. JAUNT will schedule weekly transports which may be called in 7-days in advance. JAUNT shuttles are equipped with wheelchair lifts. There is no requirement to tip JAUNT drivers.  
Short notice trips will be accommodated as availability of assets allows with as much as a 30-minute response time on a first-come first-served basis. Should trip or transport problems arise, notify the appropriate JAUNT dispatcher immediately, and phone the Assistant to the Director of Special Projects at (434) 924-3095.

Guidelines for DART Riders

In order to make this service as efficient and effective as possible, it is essential that riders adhere to these guidelines. Please review these guidelines before scheduling service from our DART service providers.

Attendants and Escorts

As required, one attendant may be scheduled to ride with the passenger. Should said passenger require an attendant at all times, the passenger must be accompanied by the attendant on all trips. Riders not requiring attendants may have one companion ride with them. Other companions will be allowed to ride as space permits. All extra passengers must be scheduled when the trip is planned with dispatch. Please notify the dispatcher if you have a service animal.


Cancellation of service requests should be called in prior to the scheduled pick up time. If cancellation is not made, the University will be charged for the service, and the charge will be passed on to the requester.

Hours of Service

Service hours parallel the service hours of the University Transit Service (UTS) fixed route bus system, but service is available to meet unexpected needs 7 days per week/24 hours daily. It is expected that individuals will establish private transportation capabilities outside the bus operational hours for general requirements. UTS Service Calendars are available from the Department of Parking and Transportation Office and website.

Inclement Weather

In cases of severe inclement weather, service may require modification or cancellation depending on conditions. To the degree possible, public announcements will be made through available media to inform users of service availability. More information is available at our Snow Removal Information Section.


All passengers must wear seat belts or shoulder straps as appropriate during transportation. Wheelchairs must be in good working order (i.e.: working brakes, secure frame) to ensure the safety of the vehicle and passengers.

Service Level and Pickups

Drivers will provided door-through-door service, which means through the exit door of the pick up point to the vehicle, and through the main door of the destination. At the scheduled pick up time, the passenger should be waiting at the door of the pick up location prepared for transport.

The requester should be waiting at the exit door of the pick up point at the appointed pick up time. In the event the requester is not waiting for pick up, the driver will call dispatch for further direction. The operator will wait five minutes beyond the scheduled pick up time. The driver will not return automatically for a missed trip. The user must call and reschedule the trip if it is still needed. A missed trip will be treated as a non-cancelled trip and a $10.00 charge will be billed to the requester.