Impact of Men's Home Basketball Games on Permit Holders

On the days of home men’s basketball games, special restrictions are in place in the lots surrounding the John Paul Jones Arena and University Hall. Signs at the entrances will denote a time by which the lot must be vacated. A schedule of vacate dates and times is available on the John Paul Jones Arena Event Impact Schedule.

All vehicles must vacate the restricted area by the time posted on the day of the game. Any vehicle remaining in the restricted lots after the time noted above will be ticketed and towed at the owner's expense.

For Blue/Commuter Permit Holders

If you can vacate the lot by the posted time, please use the Uhall/JPJ lots just like you normally would. If you are not sure if you can vacate by the posted time, please park for that day in the Emmet/Ivy parking garage.

For Orange/Storage Permit Holders

You should vacate the lot by 10AM the day of the game. Storage parking is available on the top levels of the Emmet/Ivy Parking garage.

Impact on UTS Bus Routes:

Due to the increase in traffic around the John Paul Jones Arena on the nights of home men's basketball games, UTS will re-route from Alderman and Copeley Road to Emmet Street during the peak traffic hours pre- and post-game.

Please contact the University Transit Service if you have any questions at (434) 924-7711 or