Football: Friday, September 25

Virginia Cavaliers host Boise State Broncos at Scott Stadium

September 25, 2015


Event Parking for Football Game Ticket Holders

Fans attending the event should visit the Virginia Athletics Website for more information.

Reserved and first-come, first-served parking options normally available for football parkers will not open until 5:30PM.

The University is preparing for a football game with Boise State on Friday, September 25th, 2015, at Scott Stadium beginning at 8:00 p.m. 

There are significant impacts of hosting a large event on a weeknight. However, the University is committed to maintaining a regular schedule for all university and health system activities.  No classes will be cancelled, and patient care services will be provided as usual.  A team is working hard to mitigate the game’s impact on students, patients, employee work schedules, traffic, and parking. We appreciate your willingness to work with us to help manage this event.

The Department of Parking and Transportation will be working with permit holders and University Transit Service riders to provide information regarding traffic impacts and alternative parking arrangements. Please review the information below that applies to specific permit holders and virtually all users of the University Transit Service (UTS). Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Virginia Cavaliers


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Information for Permit Holders

Unless otherwise noted, the following lots including all individual, meter, accessible and departmental spaces, will be need to be vacated by 4:30 PM on September 25:

Permit Parking Location Clear Time
AFC Meters (AFC Lot and Spaces on Whitehead Road) 4:30 PM
Bryant Hall Meters 4:30 PM
C1 4:30 PM
D3 5:00 PM
E1 (Facilities Management) 4:30 PM
E3 (Scott Stadium) 4:30 PM
K2 (Portion of K2 Located to the South of the South Lawn) 5:00 PM
Gilmer Hall Meters 4:30 PM
O-Hill Meters 4:30 PM
R1 4:30 PM
R2 4:30 PM
RED (Scott Stadium) 5:00 PM
R6 4:30 PM
S6 4:30 PM
S9 4:30 PM
S0 (Portions Normally Impacted by Football) 4:30 PM
Slaughter Recreation Center Lot 4:30 PM
T3 4:30 PM
T4 (Scott Stadium) 4:30 PM
T5 4:30 PM
W1 4:30 PM
W5 4:30 PM
W6 4:30 PM
Zehmer Hall (Z1, Z2, and Z4) 4:30 PM

Emmet/Ivy Garage and Hospital South Garage

Emmet/Ivy Garage and South Garage permit holders will not be required to vacate their garages for the home football game on September 25. Permit holders should anticipate traffic delays and an increase in the number of vehicles parked in the garages.

Central Grounds Garage

The Central Grounds Garage will close to public parking at 1:00PM on September 25 in preparation for football game day parking. All vehicles must vacate the Central Grounds Garage by 4:00PM on September 25th, 2015.

Alternative Parking Arrangements

Modified Work Schedules

While the University will provide normal services on September 25, departments are authorized to use their discretion to determine the appropriate staffing levels to maintain services. For those operations that can support it, managers are encouraged to utilize modified schedules, including the use of annual or compensatory time, or any other appropriate modification that allows employees to modify their shifts on September 25 while still attaining 40 hours during the work week. In cases where staffing and schedules cannot be modified, employees will need to report to work as usual regardless of their parking situation.

University Hall and John Paul Jones Arena

Those unable to vacate their assigned permit parking area by their published time should park in the lots outside of University Hall (U-Hall) and the John Paul Jones Arena surface parking area. The John Paul Jones Arena Parking Garage will not be available for permit parking.

Getting to Grounds: The University Transit Service Northline and Central Grounds Shuttle provide service between U-Hall and Grounds. Please review the information below regarding changes to UTS service due to the home football game.

Getting to the Health System: The University Transit Service Green Route provides service between U-Hall and the Health System. Please review the information below regarding changes to UTS service due to the home football game.

Teaching Faculty

Teaching faculty who are unable to vacate their assigned permit parking area by their published time on September 25 may either park at the lots at University Hall (U-Hall) and the John Paul Jones Arena surface lot or contact Wynne Stuart in the Provost's Office at to explore possible alternatives.

University Transit Service Information

Event Day Changes to Service



Due to football game day operations, UTS is working to manage transit and event needs. Changes to service will be posted on this site and sent to the UTS-411 e-mail alert list.

UTS-411 E-Mail Alerts

UTS Route

Service End Time

Central Grounds Shuttle
4:30 pm
Colonnade Shuttle
4:30 pm
Green Route
extended to 12:30 am
4:30 pm
Stadium/Hospital Shuttle
5:00 pm
University Loop (Inner & Outer Loop)
4:30 pm
Extended Late Night for Northline and Outer Loop
not in service

Road Closures

Parking and Transportation will be working closely with event planners to reduce the amount of traffic congestion in the area as much as possible. Certain roads will be closed or converted to one-way traffic much like they are during home football games.

The following road closures will be in effect beginning at 5:30PM on September 25, 2015:

  • Alderman Road/Maury Avenue: Between Ivy Road and Fontaine Avenue
  • Hereford Road: Between Stadium Road and Edgemont Road
  • George Welsh Way: Between Alderman Road and Stadium Road
  • McCormick Road: Between Emmet Street and Alderman Road
  • Stadium Road: Between Emmet Street and Alderman Road
  • Whitehead Road: Between Alderman Road and Stadium Road

Only vehicles with appropriate event parking permits will be allowed on these roads after 5:30pm on September 25, 2015. Event attendees should visit the Virginia Athletics Website for ticket and parking information.

Due to these road closures and traffic patterns, many parking lots normally available after hours will not be accessible after 4:30PM including lots on Observatory Hill and Central and West Grounds.

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