Culbreth Road Parking Garage

Culbreth Road Parking Garage

Culbreth Road Parking Garage
Opening Date: 2/25/2008
Spaces: 560
Clearance: 8.2 Feet
Valid Permits: A9, and Visitors (Weekends and After 5:00pm M-F)
Address: 130 Culbreth Road (Arts Grounds)
The Culbreth Road Garage is located off of Culbreth Road near the Drama Building (Culbreth and Helms Theaters) and the Campbell Hall School of Architecture. A valid A9 permit is required to park in this garage between the hours of 7:30am-5:00pm (Monday-Friday), but is available for visitors of Culbreth Theater and Carr's Hill after 5:00pm (Monday-Friday) and on weekends.

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Directions to the Culbreth Road Garage

From Interstate 64, take exit 118B towards Charlottesville. Merge onto the Route 29/250 Bypass. Take the second exit onto Ivy Road. Pass through the intersection of Ivy Road and Emmet Street (Route 29) and turn left onto Culbreth Road.

TDM: Transportation Demand Management

Occasional Parker Program

Parking and Transportation has implemented an Occasional Parking Program for the Culbreth Road Garage (A9). This program provides a transponder permit valid in the Culbreth Road Garage that will allow the customer to park 10 times (up to 24 hours at a time) for a one-time charge (view current rates). Permit holders may reload the transponder with additional uses. U.Va faculty, staff, and students (other than a First-Year students) may participate in this program, making it perfect for lecture series students, Theater and Museum patrons, bicycle riders, and any other occasional visitors to the University. There is a deposit for the transponder which will be refunded when the transponder is returned.

To participate in the program and obtain your Occasional Parker Permits, please visit the Parking and Transportation Office located at 1101 Millmont Street, behind the Barracks Road Shopping Center.

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