Facilities Operations

The Department of Parking and Transportation's Facilities Operations Division ensures the daily operation of all parking garages on grounds, processes garage ticket validations, and maintains the various visitor parking meters throughout grounds.



Lee Street Garage

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Facilities Operations

Facilities Operations Division

1101 Millmont Street
P.O. Box 400000
Charlottesville, VA 22904
2014 Garage Cleaning Schedule
Facility Close Date Open Date
Emmet/Ivy Garage 7/11/14, 9PM 7/13/14, 4PM
JPJ Arena Garage 6/27/14, 4PM 6/29/14, 4PM
Central Grounds Garage 7/25/14, 8PM 7/27/14, 12PM
Culbreth Road Garage 8/8/14, 4PM 8/10/14, 4PM
Lee Street Garage 8/29/14, 9PM 9/1/14, 4PM



Major Parking Lots