South Garage on Crispell Drive

South Garage on Crispell Drive

Health System South Garage
Opening Date: 1993
Spaces: 1388
Clearance: 7.4'-8.2'
Valid Permits: GS
Address: 380 Crispell Drive (Health System)
The South Garage on Crispell Drive, near McLeod Hall and MR-6. The South Garage is reserved for Health System/Hospital Staff who have been issued valid "GS" permits. Health System/Hospital Staff should contact their manager or Facilities Management and Capital Development at (434) 924-5147 for information about parking assignments within the U.Va Health System precinct.

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Directions to South Garage on Crispell Drive


Utilize exit 120 off Interstate 64 and travel toward Charlottesville. From 5th St SW/Ridge Street turn left onto Cherry Avenue at the traffic light. Turn right onto Roosevelt Brown Blvd at the traffic light. Turn left onto Lee St at the traffic light. At the four way stop turn left onto Crispell Dr. Follow Crispell Dr until you reach the entrance gates of the garage.


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