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Frequently Asked Questions by Division

Emmet Street/University Avenue

University Transit Service (UTS)

What is the difference between UTS's Full, Holiday, Commuter, and Exam Service?

UTS adjusts its service level and frequency based on the University's academic calendar.

Full Service normally operates when U.Va classes are in session, during the Fall and Spring semester. Full Service includes Weekend Service on Saturdays and Sundays and Extended Late Night Service on Friday and Saturdays after 12:30am unless otherwise noted on the Service Schedule. Please visit the Full Service Information page for schedules and available routes.

Holiday Service typically operates during any U.Va holiday breaks such as Thanksgiving and Spring/Fall Breaks. Please visit the Holiday Service Information Page for schedules and available routes.

Exam Service typically runs during U.Va examination periods in the fall and spring. Please visit the Exam Service Information Page for schedules and routes.

Commuter Service typically runs when U.Va classes are out of session. Please visit the Commuter Service Information Page for schedules and routes.

Please view the Service Schedule for a schedule of what service type UTS will be running for the current month.

Service Type (Click for Schedule)

Available Routes

Commuter Service NorthlineInner U-LoopOuter U-LoopGreen RouteStadium/Hospital Shuttle
Exam Service NorthlineInner U-LoopOuter U-LoopGreen RouteStadium/Hospital Shuttle
Full Service NorthlineInner U-LoopOuter U-LoopColonnade ShuttleCentral Grounds ShuttleGreen RouteStadium/Hospital Shuttle
Holiday Service NorthlineInner U-LoopOuter U-LoopCentral Grounds ShuttleGreen RouteStadium/Hospital Shuttle
Late Night Service NorthlineOuter U-Loop
Weekend Service NorthlineInner U-LoopOuter U-Loop

Who should I contact if I have specific questions about UTS's times of operations, routes, or anything else?

Riders may contact the University Transit Service (UTS) at (434) 924-7711 or

Information about UTS's routes and schedules is available here on our website which is updated regularly to reflect any changes or additions. UTS's web address is

Riders who would like to leave positive or negative feedback are encouraged to use our Online Rider Feedback Form.

Passengers may sign up for e-mail alerts from UTS to be notified of detours and unexpected changes in service.

Is there a way to find out how long I have to wait for a bus to arrive at my stop?

Permit Parking

How do I know what permits are available to me?

Parking and Transportation issues permits based on an individual's affliation to the University. Permit Operations staff at our main office are prepared to assist you in obtaining the best available permit to suit your needs, however due to the high demand of premium parking, you may not be able to purchase a permit to park close to your office or residence right away. Employees may sign onto a waiting list and purchase a commuter permit in the meantime.

Please visit our "Finding the Right Permit For You" guide to find out what permits you are eligible for, or just call (434) 924-7231 to speak to our staff who can assist you.

How can I get on the waiting list for the closer-in lots?

Within the UVA Hospital area, parking assignments are made based on job category, schedule, and length of service. Contact your manager to inquire about closer-in parking options for the UVA Hospital area.

Outside the UVA Hospital area, waiting lists are maintained on a first come, first serve basis for many of the close-in parking areas. Faculty and Staff are limited to five waiting list choices. Students are limited to a few specific lots. Please contact Parking & Transportation at (434) 924-7231 to check eligibility and be placed on waiting lists.

I have a permit but my lot is full. What do I do now?

If the lot in which you are permitted to park is full, please contact Parking and Transportation at 434-924-7231. Permit holders may park in the lots at University Hall and outside the John Paul Jones Arena if their lot is full. Please note that JPJ events have impacts on the parking lots at University Hall and JPJ.

Please call Parking and Transportation at (434) 924-7231 if you are unsure of where to go if your lot is full.

What if I am driving a different car or I forgot to bring/display my permit?

If you are driving a different vehicle or forgot to display your permit, please call (434) 924-7231 to receive a prior authorization number (PA#) to park. Hang tag permits can be transferred between vehicles, but please be sure that you register any vehicle that will be sharing a permit with Parking and Transportation.

When are parking restrictions enforced?

Generally, most permit restrictions are in place weekdays from 7:30 AM until 5:00 PM. There are some lots where the restrictions allow Blue/Commuter permits after 3:30 PM or after 5:00 PM. Many lots become available to all U.Va permit holders after 5:00 PM. Please watch for the few parking lots and spaces, concentrated mostly along McCormick Road and in the U.Va Hospital area, that have a restriction noting "all times." Keep in mind that the restrictions on the entrance signs to each lot are strictly enforced.

When can I purchase my permit? Is there a "grace period" to give me time to purchase my permit?

Faculty and staff permits are available year round during normal business hours at the Parking and Transportation Office (Monday-Friday, 7:30am-5:00pm). There is not a grace period for faculty and staff members. For more information please visit our Faculty and Staff Permit Information Section.

Student permits are sold online, except for S0, S3, D3, A9, and Emmet/Ivy Garage permits. Please visit our Student Permit Information Section for more information.

What are my payment options for purchasing a permit or paying a citation?

Those purchasing a permit at the Parking and Transportation Office may pay by cash, check, Cavalier Advantage, or with a major credit card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa). Faculty and staff may also opt to pay for their permit with pre-tax payroll deduction.

At the annual On Grounds Student Sale, students may purchase their permit by cash, check, Cavalier Advantage, or major credit card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa).

Citations may be paid by cash, check, Cavalier Advantage, or major credit card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa) at the Parking and Transportation Office. Citations may also be paid through the mail using check or money order. Parking and Transportation also accepts credit card payments for citations online through our Online Account Managment feature (you do not have to be a current permit holder or have a parking account to pay a citation online).

My permit expires in May. How do I get a new one?

Parking and Transportation mails out renewal forms for permits each April for the upcoming permit year. As long as all debts to the University and all outstanding tickets have been paid, faculty and staff may renew their permit by mail or online through our Online Account Management feature. New permits are mailed about one week prior to the beginning of the new permit year.

Student permits are not renewed from year-to-year.

Do I get money back if I don't need my permit anymore?

If you no longer need your permit or if you leave the University, you may be due a refund on the permit you hold. Any refund will be calculated based on the date that the permit is returned to the Parking and Transportation Office. If you pay for your permit by payroll deduction, to avoid any billing for the remainder of the permit year, you must return the permit.

Does Parking and Transportation waive the fine of your first ticket?

The first citation issued on a license plate twelve months after the last ticket on that license plate is a warning citation and the fine is waived. The warning citation is forfeited for violations that carry the highest fine. Please note that permit holders do not get a warning ticket each semester or each January; it must be twelve months from the issue date of the previous warning ticket. Certain violations will not be considered a warning ticket, such as parking in a disabled parking space without the proper permit or a meter violation.

Event Parking

What events effect parking for permit holders?

Home Football Games- Parking is restricted after 1:00 AM on the days of home Football games in many of the parking areas throughout Grounds. Please make note of signs at the entrance to the lots which fall into this restriction and be sure your vehicle is moved out of these areas by the time noted. Please visit our Home Football Game Day Parking Information section for more information.

Men's Basketball Home Games - Parking is restricted at certain lots for all home men's basketball games. Please visit our Men's Basketball Home Game Day Parking Information section for more information.

Cabell Hall Events - The C1 lot near Cabell Hall is used for certain events and performances at Cabell Hall. C1 permit holders should regularly check the C1 Event Parking Schedule for dates and times.

John Paul Jones Arena (JPJ) - Most events at the John Paul Jones Arena will effect parking around the Arena, and some will effect parking surround University Hall (U-Hall). Permit holders who park in those areas should regular check the JPJ Event Impact Schedule for dates and times.

Major University Events - Parking is restricted in certain areas of grounds during major University events such as Graduation, Fall Convocation, and Move In. Please check the Major Events Parking Section for updates as they come available.

I'm attending an event. Where should I park?

Parking for events on grounds varies depending on the event. The Parking and Transportation website offers information for large events such as Football Home Games, John Paul Jones Arena Events, and Men's Home Basketball Games as well as parking information for Major University Events such as Graduation, Move-In, and Family Weekend. Please visit our Event Operations Section at for more information.

Parking for other events, such as socials, presentations, and lectures are arranged by the sponsoring department and the Department of Parking and Transportation's Event Operations Division. Because of the large amount of these events, and the varying parking arrangements, parking instructions for these events are not posted on the Parking and Transportation website. Attendees should contact the sponsoring department for parking instructions and follow the instructions provided on signs or by any attendants at the parking lots on grounds.

My department is hosting an event on grounds. How do I make arrangements for reserved parking, lot signs, and/or enforcement officers?

The Department of Parking and Transportation's Event Operations Division is able to provide instructional signage and/or enforcement officers to assist in reserving parking spaces on grounds. Event Operations works to limit the amount of effect event parking has on permit holders, so not all lots are available for reservation. Please contact our Events Coordinator at or (434) 924-3305 for more information.

Transportation Demand Management (TDM)

What is Transportation Demand Management (TDM)?

Transportation Demand Management (TDM) is a division of the Department of Parking and Transportation that works to make it easier for members of the University community to travel without using single-occupancy vehicles. TDM works closely with the University Transit Service (UTS) to offer the most efficient and user friendly transit possible while complimenting the Charlottesville Area Transit (CAT). TDM actively advocates carpooling programs, bike riding, public transportation, and walking.

TDM's section of the Parking and Transportation website provides links to the various community resources available in the greater Charlottesville area, as well as maps and other information that make using alternative transportation options easier. To view these resources please visit TDM at

What is the CAVPOOL program?

The CAVPOOL program is an incentives package for U.Va employees who actively participate in carpools or vanpools. The program offers permit discounts, free occasional parker permits, and other incentives based on the number of U.Va employees who participate in the carpool or vanpool.

To learn about the program, please visit for more information, including online registration and Frequently Asked Questions specific to the CAVPOOL program.

General Questions

I have to work on a State Holiday or when bad weather closes schools. What bus service runs on these days and do I still have to observe the parking restrictions?

If, due to bad weather, UVA classes are canceled or a shift modification is announced for the University, the Department of Parking and Transportation may change bus service and lift permit restrictions. Certain State Holidays may also alter transportation and parking services. Information about UTS service during inclement weather will be posted as possible on our website's Inclement Weather Section. To verify parking enforcement schedules, please call the Parking and Transporation Office at (434) 924-7231. Local radio stations and the U.Va snow emergency lines, (434) 924-SNOW or (434) 423-SNOW, will also broadcast alterations to transportation and parking services at U.Va during periods of inclement weather.

What is SafeRide and how do I find more information about it?

SafeRide is a program administered by the University of Virginia Police Department. The program's purpose is to provide a safe passage for students who would otherwise have to walk alone at night. Please visit the University of Virginia Police Department's website for more information about the program, including service hours, service area, and how to schedule a SafeRide: