April 24, 2018
Subject: University Transit Service Route Change
Description: Due to the closures of the Cage lot in University Hall the Green route and Central Grounds Shuttle routes will be modified beginning Monday, April 30th through the Summer of 2023.

Green Route

The Green route will no longer enter into U-Hall via the entrance by the Cage lot. Instead, Green route will enter into the parking lot using the last entrance on Copeley Road. The Green route will proceed to pick up and drop off passengers ONLY at the U-Hall/Massie stop.

Central Grounds Shuttle

Central Grounds shuttle will no longer enter into the U-Hall parking lot. From Copeley, the Central Grounds Shuttle will make a left onto Massie and pick up passengers at the U-Hall/Massie stop. From the Chapel, the Central Grounds Shuttle will have a new stop on Copeley Rd. This stop will only be served by the Central Grounds Shuttle.


April 16, 2018
Subject: Closure of University Hall Cage Lot
Description: To support a significant construction project in U-Hall, the Cage lot will be closed beginning Monday, April 30th through the Summer of 2023.
As a result, the University Transit Service (UTS) bus stops near the Cage lot and in the West University Hall lot will be closed for the duration of this project. The UTS Bus stops on Massie Road at University Hall and the East Lot will remain open.

The details of the lot impact are as follows:




Monday, April 30th
Summer 2023

The Cage lot will be closed to all permit holders

All Day


The map below indicates the affected portion of the University Hall and Cage lots.

Parking Instructions: Blue permits are honored in the John Paul Jones Arena lot and garage.
Please note, this message impacts Blue permit holders who park in the UHall/JPJ area every day. It does not impact Blue permit holders elsewhere on grounds (e.g. 2400 Old Ivy Road, UPD, Printing, The Parking, and Carruthers).

University of Virginia
Department of Parking and Transportation