Permits for Faculty and Staff

News and Updates:

  • Faculty and Staff permits are currently on sale at the Parking and Transportation Office, Monday-Friday from 7:30am-5:00pm. Please check the Service Schedule for holiday closings.

Permits for faculty and staff are split into two eligibility categories:

Faculty and Staff Permits

General Information for Faculty and Staff

The Department of Parking & Transportation issues several different types of permits, including stickers, hangtags, dashboard permits, and gate cards/transponders. Instructions on how to display the permit will be included with the permit itself.

A refundable deposit is charged at the time of issue for all gate cards and/or transponders. No deposit is required for all other permit types.

For a nominal fee, a permit holder may obtain more than one permit for their respective lot (exception - gate card/transponder). The vehicle displaying this "2nd car permit" may not be parked on Grounds at the same time as the vehicle displaying the primary permit.

Parking permits can be revoked at the discretion of the University if the permit holder has been proven to abuse his/her privilege. Fraudulent misuse and abuse of patient parking or the display of a lost, stolen, or counterfeited permit is punishable by administrative fine and total revocation of parking privilege. Parking permits are the property of the University and may be physically removed from the bearer's vehicle by U.Va representatives if the permit is not voluntarily returned upon revocation.


All U.Va faculty and staff members are eligible to purchase a parking permit. Employees of non-University agencies who work in buildings located on University grounds may also be eligible to purchase a parking permit. Faculty and Staff members are split into two major categories:

A retired University of Virginia faculty member who has received the rank of emeritus, as conferred by the Board of Visitors, may obtain a GOLD parking permit at no charge. Click here for more information about GOLD permits.

Carpools and Vanpools

Parking and Transportation is pleased to offer incentives to encourage and support employees who carpool or vanpool. Cavpool incentives include reduced permit rates, free occasional parking permits, and eligibility to enroll in RideShare's Guaranteed Ride Home program.

Please visit the Transportation Demand Management (TDM) section of our site for more information about the Cavpool program.

Temporary Permits

Employees who do not wish to purchase a permit for the entire permit year have the option to purchase temporary parking permits for the lots at University Hall (U-Hall) for up to twelve weeks.

Any person anticipating a temporary parking problem regardless of duration should contact Parking & Transportation at (434) 924-7231 in advance to seek possible options. Unless arrangements are made in advance, illegally parked vehicles are subject to citation and/or towing at the owner's expense.

Vehicle Registration

Individuals may register their own, their spouse's, or their parent's vehicle. Parking permits will not be issued for trail bikes, mini-bikes, snowmobiles, cargo trailers, boats, campers, etc.

Employees wishing to register a motorcycle should visit our Motorcycle Parking Information section.

Disabled, Rented, or Borrowed Vehicles

Should a vehicle become disabled in an unauthorized area, the vehicle must be moved as soon as possible. If it is necessary to leave the vehicle unattended while making arrangements, the Department of Parking & Transportation must be notified at (434) 924-7231 (after hours please contact the University Police Department).

If a permit holder is using an alternate (rented/borrowed) vehicle, contact Parking & Transportation at (434) 924-7231 to obtain a free temporary permit for the duration of the alternate vehicle's use. This is helpful during those times your primary vehicle is in the shop for repair for extended periods of time.

Permit Parking Enforcement

Parking restrictions are in effect year round, Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM to 8:00 PM. Signs at the lot entrances denote specific permit restrictions. In many lots, restrictions are in place at all times (view "all times" lots) or modified after 3:30 PM or 5:00 PM. Special events (plays, concerts, athletic events, etc.) parking may also modify the availability of parking in certain lots. Check the signs at every entrance/space for exact restrictions.

Please visit our Citations section for more information about citations, appeals, and fine amounts.

Replacement Permits

Lost or damaged permits may be replaced by paying a nominal fee (view current rates). When a vehicle is sold or traded, the permit must be removed because citation liability continues to apply to the original permit holder.

Returning a Permit

Parking and Transportation will issue refunds for parking permits returned prior to the expiration date of the permit. Permits must be returned upon termination of employment. If a permit is not returned upon termination of employment, and the permit holder was payroll deducting the cost of the permit, Parking and Transportation will bill from the point of the last payroll deduction to the expiration date of the permit. Refunds are prorated and are not issued for amounts less than $5.00.

Purchasing a Permit

Employees may purchase their permit at the Parking and Transportation Office, Monday-Friday from 7:30am-5:00pm. The Parking and Transportation Office is located at 1101 Millmont Street near the Barracks Road Shopping Center. The following forms of payment are accepted for purchasing a permit at the Parking and Transportation Office: cash, check, Cavalier Advantage, and major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover).

Health System employees may also purchase their permit during their New Employee Orientation. During these permit sales Parking and Transportation representatives can only accept check or payroll deduction as payment methods.

Employee permits and transponders must be renewed each Spring, typically in late April and early May. Employees may renew their permit online, in person, or by mail during the renewal period. Each employee will receive a unique renewal letter which they will need to complete the renewal process regardless of what renewal method they choose. Information about renewals will be located on this site each year as the information becomes available.


A $25 refundable deposit is required for all transponder permits.

Carpool Permits

For those employees who are actively participating, or are interesting in participating in a carpool or vanpool may be interested in purchasing a CavPool permit that provides discounted permit options, free occasional parker permits, and other benefits. These permits are renewed every 6 months, once in June and once in December. Please visit our Transportation Demand Management section for more information about this permit option.
TDM: Transportation Demand Management