Service Passes and Department Options

Service passes have been designated throughout Grounds to facilitate service to the University through high-turnover parking. A two-hour limit applies to most service areas. Departments may obtain a service pass application by calling Parking & Transportation at (434) 924-7231.

Departments have several options for meeting the needs of their visitors, supplies, or employees who must run frequent errands.

  • Service passes are valid in all spaces marked with a "service" vehicle sign in accordance with the privileges noted on the pass itself.
  • Service parking is not guaranteed. Locations and availability of service spaces may change without notice.
  • If all of the service areas prescribed on your pass are full, visitor parking must be utilized and the meter or garage attendant must be paid the hourly rate. Passes are not valid in reserved spaces.
  • There is a $20 replacement fee for lost or stolen service passes.
  • Service passes are not to be used as a substitute for regular employee parking.
  • The individual completing the application and the represented party is responsible for the proper and appropriate use of the pass and should be able to supply the Department of Parking & Transportation with a name, if needed, to which the permit was issued.
  • Passes used improperly are subject to revocation.

Please note that departments may not purchase permits that become regular parking spots for an employee.