Motorcycle Parking


Special "motorcycle only" parking areas have been designated throughout Grounds. These areas are located within many Green/Reserved parking areas. However, since many motorcycles can use the motorcycle only area, only a Commuter or Storage permit is required within the motorcycle only areas. Permits must be displayed on the left front fork of the motorcycle.

U.Va faculty, staff, and students (other than first-years) are eligible to purchase a BLUE Commuter Parking permit to use motorcycle spaces on Grounds (view rates). Permit holders who also own another vehicle may purchase a Second Car Permit for their motorcycle for a nominal fee (view rates).

Motorcycles parked in a regular parking space within a parking lot (i.e., a space that either a car or motorcycle could use) are subject to the same permit restrictions as cars.

Motorcycle Parking


Any moped over 50cc's is required to have a valid U.Va parking permit to park in motorcycle parking spaces on grounds. These mpoeds are subject to the same policies as motorcycles.

Effective July 1, 2013 Virginia law requires that every moped driver operating on Virginia roadways carry a government-issued photo ID.  The ID does not have to be a DMV issued driver's license.  Additionally, drivers and passengers must wear a helmet.  If the moped does not have a windshield, drivers and passengers must also have safety goggles or a face shield as part of their helmet.

All mopeds must be titled and registered by July 1, 2014.  Titles are $10 and the annual registration fee is currently $20.25.

These requirements apply to mopeds operating on Virginia roadways.  They do not apply to mopeds that are solely operated on private property.

Visit the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles for more information.

Motorcycle Parking Areas (Subject to Change)

Permit Area/Lot


A9 Culbreth Road Garage
C1 Clark Hall
D1 Darden School of Business
D3 Caplan Auditorium
D4 Dynamics Building
D5 Law School/Sponsor's Hall
E1 Facilities Management
E3 Scott Stadium (South)
F4 University Gardens
F22 University Gardens
G11 11th Street Garage (First Floor)
M1 Old Medical School Courtyard
M3 West Complex, Barringer Wing
M11 MR4 Building
M13 Blake Center
N McLeod Hall Garage (Both Levels)
R1 Dell Studios I & II
S1 Copeley III/IV Housing Area
S2 Lambeth Field Housing Area
S3/K2 Bice House
S4 Faulkner Housing Area
S9 Hereford Housing Area
T4 Scott Stadium (East)
U3 Stacey Hall
Y1 Carruthers Hall
Short Term Parking AFC Recreation Center
Short Term Parking North Grounds Recreation Center
Short Term Parking Slaughter Recreation Center
  Gilmer Hall (Rear Entrance)