Safe Ride

Safe Ride is an on-demand van shuttle service intended to provide UVa students safe transportation home in lieu of walking alone after UTS has gone out of service. Safe Ride operates within a specific service area to maximize van availability and minimize wait times. Rides may be requested via Transloc OnDemand (online or mobile app) or by calling 434-242-1122. Ride requests will be grouped with nearby pick-up and drop-off locations.

Alternatives to Safe Ride include walking in groups, requesting rides from local taxi services, UBike, and engagement with the Ambassador program. In the event of an emergency please call 911.

Safe Ride Van

In addition, if you are unable to wait for a Safe Ride van pickup or otherwise feel unsafe, please remember that you may call Yellow Cab Charge-a-Ride at 434-295-4131 to travel by taxi. If you do not have the money to pay for the taxi at that point in time, you need only show a valid student ID to the Yellow Cab driver and sign the document they will provide to you. You will then be billed through your student account.

How to Request a Safe Ride

Safe Ride must be requested by using Transloc OnDemand (online or mobile app) or by calling 434-242-1122. Advanced reservations are not accepted. Safe Ride vans may not be flagged down. Users are able to track vans via the Transloc OnDemand system, and will receive text alerts or push notifications when the van is arriving.

Typical wait times may vary from a few minutes to up to 15 minutes (or longer during periods of high call volume or during special events). Users should be ready for pick-up upon requesting the ride. Safe Ride vans will wait for 3 minutes at the pick-up location before canceling out the request.

Wheelchair Accessible Van: Safe Ride is able to provide transportation via a wheelchair accessible van. Users needing wheelchair accessibility should request a Safe Ride by calling 434-242-1122.

Please read the information below before requesting your first ride.

Call 434-242-1122

Request a Ride by Phone, 434-242-1122

Transloc OnDemand App
Mobile App

Use the Transloc Rider App to Request a Ride

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What Safe Ride Is Not

Safe Ride is not a taxi service. As a service funded by student fees, Safe Ride provides a ride home for students in lieu of walking alone after UTS has gone out of service. By using Safe Ride in the manner it is intended, Safe Ride is able to provide more efficient service to all riders. Safe Ride does not provide trips to parties, bars, restaurants or other private businesses.

Safe Ride Service Hours

Fall and Spring Academic Semesters (Full Service):

  • Overnight Sunday through Wednesday (12:30am-7:30am)
  • Overnight Thursday through Saturday (2:00am-7:30am)

Summer and Academic Breaks (Holiday Service):

  • 10:00pm-7:30am (Monday-Friday)
  • 12:30am-7:30am (Saturday-Sunday)
  • Next Break: December 15, 2017 - January 12, 2018

Upcoming Holidays
Safe Ride will not be in operation on the following dates:

  • Monday, May 28 (Not in Service 12:30am-7:30am)
  • Thursday, November 22 (Not in Service 12:30am-7:30am)
  • Friday, November 23 (Not in Service 12:30am-7:30am)

Inclement Weather: Safe Ride may discontinue its operation without advance notice, should highway conditions deteriorate and be judged unsafe by the supervisor. Road conditions that could change the operations are ice, snow, flooding, or other unforeseen natural hazards. During inclement weather, please visit the P&T Operating Status Board to determine if Safe Ride will be in service.

Alderman and Clemons Library

Students needing Safe Ride transportation from the Alderman or Clemons Library during Safe Ride service hours should request a ride by using the Transloc Rider app, Transloc OnDemand website, or by calling 434-242-1120. In order to minimize rider wait times, all Safe Ride vans will be in continuous operation throughout the service area and will not be staged at any location including the Alderman or Clemons Library.

Alderman Library

Who Can Use Safe Ride

Safe Ride is for current UVa students only. Students will be required to provide NetBadge authentication to access the Transloc OnDemand system. A valid UVa ID will be required to board the van. Students may bring one guest with them per ride.

Safe Ride has one van that has an ADA accessible ramp. Riders should alert the dispatcher when calling 434-242-1122 to request a ride.

Prohibited Activity

Riders are expected to behave in a safe, respectful and courteous manner. The following behaviors are strictly prohibited, and may result in the denial of Safe Ride services and referral to University authorities:

  • Smoking (including e-cigarettes), drinking or eating in the van.
  • Belligerent, aggressive, and any other unsafe behavior or activity, including intoxication.
  • Repeated instances of being a "no show" for requested rides.
  • Discharging of bodily fluids inside the van.

Riders displaying any unsafe or prohibited behavior are subject to referral to the University Police Department and/or the Office of the Dean of Students.

The following items are not permitted on Safe Ride vans:

  • Luggage, bicycles, and/or any article too large to fit on the rider's lap or at the rider's feet.
  • Groups of 3 or more.
  • Animals (except Service Animals).
  • Open alcohol containers and/or lit cigarettes/e-cigarettes.

No Shows

Safe Ride provides a shared ride to multiple riders at the same time. A "no show" degrades the level of service for all passengers. If a rider finds another means of travel prior to the van arriving, the rider should cancel the ride by calling 434-242-1122.

Passengers who request rides via the Transloc OnDemand mobile app will receive text alerts and/or push notifications when the van is arriving and again when the van has arrived. Safe Ride vans will wait 3 minutes before canceling the ride request to move on to the next passenger pick-up location. Multiple "no shows" may result in referral to the Office of the Dean of Students and/or the refusal of Safe Ride services.

Verify Your Ride

It is important for ride requesters to verify the authenticity of the vehicle delivering Safe Ride transportation service. All Safe Ride vehicles are marked with "Safe Ride" branding, have State issued blue license plates, and are driven by uniformed staff members. Safe Ride operates the following types of vehicles:

  • Van 1: GMC Sierra Van (White)
  • Van 2: Chevy Express Van (White)
  • Van 3: Ford E350 Van (White)
  • Van 4: Toyota Sienna Van (Blue)
  • Van 5: Dodge Caravan (White)
Safe Ride Van Label
Riders may call 434-242-1122 to verify the authenticity of a vehicle that arrives to pick them up.

Video and Audio Recording

To ensure the safety of all Safe Ride passengers and operators, all Safe Ride vans are equipped with audio and video recording devices.

Lost and Found

Items found left on a Safe Ride van will be turned in and held at the Police Substation located at 1413 University Avenue on The Corner. Items will be held for 30 days.


Always call 911 in the event of an emergency or if danger is imminent.

Service Area

Safe Ride provides service within a defined service area that closely resembles areas served by UTS during the day/evening. All ride requests must originate and end within the service area. Safe Ride does not provide rides to or from parties, bars, restaurants or other private businesses.

Safe Ride Service Area