HoosWhere: Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find the 5-digit bus stop numbers?

UTS Bus Stop

The five digit GPS number is located on the front side of UTS bus stop signs, near the bottom of the sign. Bus Stop Numbers can also be found on the backside of most UTS bus stops. On certain stops where the backside of the sign is not visible, the 5-digit number is posted under, above, or to the side of the stop.

Bus Stop Numbers can also be found on our HoosWhere Online Website by viewing the map or using the alphabetical table listed underneath the map. Please contact us at 434-924-7711 if you are unable to locate the 5-digit stop number, or if the 5-digit stop number has been damaged or is missing.

How do I read the online search results?

Click to Enlarge Prediction Example

Once you've correctly entered a 5-digit bus stop number into our HoosWhere Online Website, or on the U.Va mobile website, the HoosWhere system will display all buses that are less than thirty minutes away from the stop you entered. Depending on the stop you select, the results will display arriving UTS and Charlottesville Area Transit (CAT) buses. The results are presented in a basic table, with the header displaying the stop name, and three columns displaying (from left to right) the Route Number/Name, Route Destination, and Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA). The result page automatically refreshes as buses approach.

UTS Route Name Abbreviation Key

NL = Northline
CG = Central Grounds Shuttle
CS = Colonnade Shuttle
G = Green Route
UL = University Loop
SHS = Stadium/Hospital Shuttle

CAT Route Name Abbreviation Key

1A = East Market
1B = Piedmont VA Community College
2A = Locust Avenue
2B = Southwood
3 = Downtown/Belmont
4 = UVA Hospital
5 = Walmart/Barracks Road
6 = Ridge Street/U.Va Hospital
7 = Downtown/Fashion Square
8 = Downtown/Barracks Road/Seminole Square
9 = Charlottesville High School/Downtown
10 = Pantops
21 = Belmont
22 = Prospect Avenue
23 = Piedmont VA Community College
24 = Pantops
JV = Johnson Village
T = Free Trolley

How do I find information about Charlottesville Area Transit's Bus Tracker (CAT)?

This new GPS bus tracking system is a shared project with Charlottesville Area Transit. The UTS HoosWhere website only lists UTS bus stops and those stops that are shared by UTS and CAT. Predictions for shared stops will include all UTS and CAT buses arriving within the next thirty minutes.

CAT provides riders information on their website, as well as at their central dispatch station (310 West Main Street). For more information please visit their website at http://www.charlottesville.org/transit or call them at 434-970-3840.

What is the difference between "Inbound" and "Outbound"?

The "inbound" and "outbound" labels are used to designate which side of the street certain bus stops are on. Stops on the Northline are considered "inbound" when headed towards Central Grounds, and designated as "outbound" when traveling away from Central Grounds.

When are "night stops" serviced?

Night stops will be served starting at 8:00pm. GPS bus arrival predictions will be also be available after midnight including on Friday and Saturday when service is extended until 2:30am.