UTS On-Board Advertising

Advertising on University Transit Service buses is a fantastic way to get your message out to the University of Virginia community. Averaging over 250,000 "passenger trips" per month, UTS serves a huge ridership and can offer your business or organization more exposure to a concentrated U.Va-specific audience than a radio or TV advertisement. Best of all, advertising on UTS buses is an extremely easy and user-friendly process.

  • Step 1

    Contact our representative at jcm9ec@virginia.edu
  • Step 2

    In the e-mail, please include your phone number and either your University PTAO number or billing address. Please specify the preferred posting date. As an attachment to the e-mail, please include the ad you'd like to run formatted to fit 11 inches tall by 17 inches wide. Please leave a half inch border on the top and bottom of the artwork. PDF is the preferred format.
  • Step 3 - Ad Printing

    Once the ad is approved, please submit the artwork to the printing agency of your choice. UTS recommends using UVa Printing and Copying Services (PCS). PCS is familar with our printing specifications, offers competitive pricing, and delivers the ads directly to our office for installation. The ad will be placed on every UTS transit bus, and photo evidence of the ad on a bus will be sent to you via e-mail upon request. An invoice or a copy of your receipt (if payment is made by PTAO) will be sent electronically once ads have been posted.


Please allow 5-7 business days for the processing and posting of the ad.


11 x 17 inch ad for four week period (view current rates)

Ad Regulations

  1. All advertisements will be reviewed by the Department of Parking and Transportation (“The Department”) for approval.  Advertisements should reflect the best interests of the University of Virginia, its students and employees, and the surrounding community.  Advertisements must comply with the following standards:
    1. The ad shall not contain alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drug references or images.
    2. The ad shall not contain sexually explicit references or images, and may not advertise sexually oriented businesses (including, but not limited to, adult bookstores and escort services).
    3. The ad shall not be political or religious in nature.
    4. The ad shall not be slanderous or deceptive.
    5. The ad shall not contain obscene language or imagery.
    6. The ad shall not depict acts of violence.
    7. The ad shall not advertise services in competition with those offered by the Department of Parking and Transportation (i.e. charter services, car rentals).  The Department of Parking and Transportation reserves the right to deny advertisements for services in competition with those offered by other U.Va Business Operation Departments (i.e. Dining Services, Printing and Copying Services, Housing, etc.).
    8. The ad shall not advertise university athletic programs (other than the University of Virginia).
  2. The University Representative will review all advertisements prior to the contract date.  Any advertiser whose ad has been denied may appeal the decision to the Associate Director within 5 business days.  The Associate Director will issue a written determination within 10 business days of the appeal.  The Associate Director’s determination is final.
  3. Ads must be printed on sturdy cardstock.  Please contact the University Representative prior to submitting artwork for printing.  Long term advertisements (8 weeks or more) must be laminated.
  4. The Department reserves the right to terminate any advertising contract based on adverse public or administrative response to the advertisement. 
  5. The Department is not responsible for damage, wear, or defacement of posted advertisements.
  6. The Department will notify the Advertising Agency in writing if a transit unit is out of service for more than 14 business days to extend the length of the contract at no additional cost to the Advertising Agency.
  7. All ads will be removed by the Department within 10 business days of the Campaign End Date.  Ads will be disposed of or recycled by the Department.
  8. The Advertising Agency may request a photographic evidence of the ad on a transit unit.  The Department will provide up to three photographs within 10 business days of the request.