Special Route

Holiday Special Route

The Holiday Special Route is used during certain holiday closings typically when the Health System clinics are still in operation. The Holiday Special Route is a hybrid between the Stadium/Hospital Shuttle and the Green Route, connecting the Health System to the commuter parking lots at Scott Stadium and U-Hall.


Service Timetables

  • This route does not run during any UTS service. The Service Schedule will note when this route is in service.

Special Route

Current UTS Service:

Special Route Map

Bus Stop Number

Stop Description

55 Lane Rd at MR-5
56 Lee Street at UVA Hospital
52 Jefferson Prk Ave at UVA Hospital
44 Jefferson Prk Ave at Cabell Hall
33 George Welsh Way at Stadium West Shelf
32 George Welsh Way at Scott Stadium
9 Alderman Road at AFC
89 U-Hall at Cage Lot
92 U-Hall at West Entrance
91 U-Hall at Massie Rd
64 Massie Rd at U-Hall East Lot
24 Emmet St at Goodwin Bridge
28 Emmet/Ivy Garage (EIG)
22 Emmet St at Alumni Hall
26 Emmet St at Ruffner Hall
43 Jefferson Prk Ave at Brandon Ave


30 Minute Service
  Health System