Current and Upcoming Detours

Partial Closure of McCormick Road (June 12 - August 11, 2017)

Central Grounds Shuttle, Inner U-Loop, Outer U-Loop, and Northline

McCormick Road will be closed between Cabell Drive and Minor Hall from June 12, 2017 to Aug. 11, 2017. UTS will not be able to provide service along the eastend of McCormick Road during this closure. UTS will instead use a combination of Emmet Street and the westend of McCormick Road to provide service to/from Central Grounds.

The following stops will not be in service during this closure:

  • #066: McCormick Road at Brown College
  • #068: McCormick Road at Clark Hall
  • #069: McCormick Road at Garrett Hall
  • #072: McCormick Road at Monroe Hall
  • #076: McCormick Road at UVa Chapel
  • #098: McCormick Road at Alderman Library

Updated Detour Route Maps:

Please visit Charlottesville Area Transit for information about Free Trolley detours of McCormick Road.

Chemistry Building Bus Stop Closure (March 25 - August 2017)

Northline, Inner U-Loop, and Central Grounds Shuttle

Beginning on Saturday, March 25, the Chemistry Building bus stop will close due to construction in the area. Passengers should use the bus stops outside Gilmer Hall or Thornton Hall during this closure. These stops will be served throughout the day, not just after 8PM. This bus stop closure will remain in affect until August 2017.