Detour of Lee Street

Green Route and Stadium/Hospital Shuttle Return to Lee Street on 3/28/2017

The current detour of Lee Street will end on Tuesday, 3/28/2017.

Beginning on Tuesday, March 28th, the Green Route and Stadium/Hospital Shuttle (SHS) will resume regular route service along Lee Street using the bus stop outside of the Lee Street Garage near the Emergency Department entrance.

Also on Tuesday, March 28th, The Green Route and Stadium/Hospital Shuttle will no longer provide service to the temporary bus stop on West Main Street at Stacey Hall.

Click on the links below for maps and more details depending on where you park/what route you use:

UTS Current and Upcoming Detours

Colonnade Shuttle Detour Alert:  March 13 - 31, 2017

Partial closure of the northbound lane of Alderman Road between McCormick Road and Pratt Drive.

Colonnade Shuttle

  • After leaving the Darden Graduate School of Business, the Colonnade Shuttle will detour right onto Copeley Road, continue straight onto Alderman Road, and then turn left to provide service along McCormick Road on the opposite side of the street that it normally does. Passengers who normally use the bus stop at Alderman Library (#098) should instead use the bus stop at The Chapel (#076).
  • Bus stops #064 (Massie Road at U-Hall East Lot) and #024 (Emmet Street at Goodwin Bridge) will not be served during this detour.

Chemistry Building Bus Stop Closure

Northline, Inner Loop, Central Grounds Shuttle, Hereford/IRC Shuttle, and Colonnade Shuttle

Beginning on Saturday, March 25, the Chemistry Building bus stop will close due to construction in the area. Passengers should use the bus stops outside Gilmer Hall or Thornton Hall during this closure. These stops will be served throughout the day, not just after 8PM. This bus stop closure will remain in affect until August 2017.