UTS 2013-2014

McCormick Road Bridge Re-Opening

The McCormick Road Bridge is scheduled to reopen on Monday, July 29, 2013. Since July 2012, the bridge has been restricted to vehicles weighing less than 8 tons, and thus the University Transit Service (UTS) has been unable to conduct normal bus operations on University Grounds.

Beginning on Wednesday, July 31, UTS will resume service over the McCormick Road Bridge. Please review the information below regarding changes to routes that will begin on July 31:

  • The Northline, Central Grounds Shuttle, Inner Loop, and Outer Loop will no longer use Emmet Street to bypass the east portion of McCormick Road that was not accessible due to the bridge closure. Stops along Emmet Street between the bridge and University Avenue will continue to be served by the Green Route.
  • The Northline will no longer use Culbreth Road as a turn-around point. From North Grounds, the Northline will travel along University Avenue and turn right onto McCormick Road. The Culbreth Road at Culbreth Road Garage (#019) will no longer be in service.
  • The current University Avenue at Alderman Library stop (#093) will shift north closer to the intersection of University Avenue/Ivy Road/Emmet Street. This stop will become "University Avenue at Synder Tennis Courts (#093)".
  • The McCormick Road at Thornton Hall stop (#075) will become a night stop only. The Northline, Inner Loop, Central Grounds Shuttle, and the CAT Free Trolley will use the McCormick Road at UVA Chapel (#076) as the new timestop. Night stops are served after 8PM.
  • The McCormick Road at Physics Bldg stop (#074) will shift east to the McCormick Road Bridge and become a night stop only. Night stops are served after 8PM.
  • The Outer Loop will no longer provide service to the University Avenue at Carr's Hill Field (#094) stop as it will continue straight from Rugby Road onto McCormick Road.

On Saturday, August 3, Charlottesville Area Transit (CAT) will also implement changes to their route system.

  • FREE Trolley - With the reopening of the McCormick bridge, the FREE Trolley will cease its long term detour up Emmet St. and along portions of University Ave. Service will be reintroduced to the UVA Chapel.  Click here to see the new schedule.
  • Route 7 - The route will no longer serve University Ave. Instead, Route 7 will travel on Jefferson Park Ave. to Emmet St. Frequency will shift from every fifteen minutes to every twenty minutes.  The route will begin to service Stop #15147 on Angus Road.  Service to KFC along Seminole Trail will be discontinued.  Changes to the route will improve Route 7's reliability and on-time performance.  Click here to see the new schedule.
  • Route 11 – Route 11 will provide service between the Downtown Mall, CATEC, and Fashion Square Mall. Compared to Route 7, the new route will reduce travel time by 20 minutes from the DTS to Fashion Square.  To see a map of the new route, click here.
  • University Avenue – The University Avenue at Alderman Library bus stop will relocated north to its original location near the Synder Tennis Courts.  Both CAT and UTS will begin using this stop after August 2.


Northline Route Map

Inner U-Loop

Inner U-Loop Route Map

Outer U-Loop

Outer U-Loop Route Map

Central Grounds Shuttle

Central Grounds Shuttle Route Map