UTS Detours - Employees Parking at U-Hall and Emmet/Ivy Garage

Green Route Detour Information

Due to the Hospital Expansion Project, from November 9, 2015 through approximately June 2016, the Green Route will detour off of Lee Street onto West Main Street. This detour includes the closure of the Lee Street bus stop located between the Emergency Department and the Lee Street Garage. All segments of the Green Route, except for Lee Street, will operate normally.

The portion of the route along Lee Street will detour as follows:

  • After turning left onto Crispell Drive from Lane Road, the Green Route will turn right onto Lee Street
  • Turn left onto Roosevelt Brown Boulevard
  • Turn left onto West Main Street. UTS will stop at the CAT bus stop located on West Main Street at 11th Street.
  • The Green Route will then return to Jefferson Park Avenue to make its regular stop at the Jefferson Park Avenue at UVA Hospital stop (#052).

Green Route

Green Route Schedule

UTS anticipates providing the same frequency of service as regularly scheduled, however passengers should anticipate some delays due to construction activities and other traffic displaced by the restrictions on Lee Street.

Green Route Service will be provided from 6:00am-8:00pm, Monday-Friday unless otherwise noted on the Service Schedule.

  • 6:00am-7:00am: Service from U-Hall every 10 minutes
  • 7:00am-9:30am: Service from U-Hall every 8 minutes
  • 9:30am-3:00pm: Service from U-Hall and the Health System every 15 minutes
  • 3:00pm-6:30pm: Service from the Health System every 10 minutes
  • 6:30pm-8:00pm: Service from the Health System every 15 minutes

Alternatives to Riding the Green Route

Ride CAT Route 7
Employees may ride Charlottesville Area Transit's (CAT) Route 7 fare-free by scanning the bar code on the back of their UVA Employee ID. Route 7 provides service near U-Hall on Emmet Street to Jordan Hall on Jefferson Park Avenue. Route 7 uses the same stop on Jefferson Park Avenue that the Green Route uses to provide service back to U-Hall, using a stop on Emmet Street across from the U-Hall parking areas.

Route 7 operates:

  • Monday-Saturday from 6:25am-8:00pm, every 15 minutes
  • Monday-Saturday from 8:00pm-11:50pm, every 30 minutes
  • Sundays from 7:45am-5:55pm, every 15 minutes

Click here for printable Route 7 map and schedule.


Route 7 Map

Ride UTS Northline or Central Grounds Shuttle
Employees may choose to walk across the UVa lawn to access other UTS routes providing service to U-Hall. The McCormick Road at Garrett Hall stop (#067) is approximately 0.4 miles, or a 10 minute walk, from the Jefferson Park Avenue at UVA Hospital stop (#52). The Northline provides service every 10 minutes from this stop from 7:30am-8:00pm (Monday-Friday). The Central Grounds Shuttle provides service every 15 minutes from this stop during the morning and afternoon commuting hours. Transportation time from the Garrett Hall stop to University Hall is approximately 10 minutes.

Walking Distance
The distance between the U-Hall at Massie Road stop (#091) and the stops on Jefferson Park Avenue at the UVA Hospital (stops #45 and #52) is approximately 1.4 miles, or a 27 minute walk.