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Charter Bus Parking

Charter Bus Parking

Traffic control gates block McCormick Road for much of the year so even if mapping software directions suggest McCormick Road, do not take it. Charter buses are not permitted on McCormick Road. Charter buses servicing the Rotunda, Chapel, Library, and other McCormick Road destinations are required to use a dedicated charter bus loading/unloading zone located on University Avenue at the intersection with Newcomb Road (Directions to 100 Newcomb Rd).

Charter Bus Access and Parking Directions:

    1. Unload passengers at the University Avenue/Newcomb Road intersection. (Directions to 100 Newcomb Rd)
    2. Once unloaded, proceed east on University Avenue 400’ to the first signal. Do not continue straight due to a low bridge condition.
    3. Turn left on Rugby Road and proceed to the second signal (2/3 miles).
    4. Turn left on Preston Avenue and proceed to the third signal (2/3 miles).
    5. Turn left on Emmet Street and proceed to the third signal (2/3 miles).
    6. Turn right on Massie Road and proceed to the first parking lot on the right (2/10 miles).

Charter buses may park in the John Paul Jones Arena parking lot. If there is a large event at the Arena, buses may be redirected to a parking lot in a nearby area on the left side of Massie Road (ie, University Hall).

When passengers are ready to load:
    1. Exit John Paul Jones or University Hall parking lot toward Emmet Street.
    2. Turn right on Emmet Street and proceed 2/10 miles to the next signal.
    3. Turn  left on University Avenue and proceed to charter bus loading/unloading zone.


Tour Bus Loading and Unloading Zone, University Avenue


Charter Tour Bus Parking and Pick Up/Drop Off Map