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James Cargile

JAMES T. CARGILE. Professor and Director of Colloquium Series. Ph.D., Cambridge.Metaphysics, Philosophical Logic, Epistemology, Ethics. All-University Outstanding Teaching Award for 1997-8. "The Fallacy of Epistemicism" in Oxford Studies in Epistemology 2005. "On Alexander's Dictum," Topoi 22 (2003): 143-9; "On Russell's Argument Against Resemblance Nominalism," Australasian Journal of Philosophy 81 (2003); "On an Argument Against Closure," Nous (1999); "Some Remarks on Fatalism," The Philosophical Quarterly (1997); "The Problem of Induction," Philosophy (1998); "Propositions and Tense," Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic (2001); "Scepticism and Possibilities," Philosophy and Phenomenological Research (1999); "On the Burden of Proof," Philosophy 72 (1997).

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