financial aid

The University has recently provided significant enhancements of financial aid to our department. The following sorts of financial aid are available to graduate students:

1. Ph.D. students admitted to the program with departmental financial aid are ordinarily awarded fellowships of approximately $20,300 per year plus tuition. Of this, $18,000 is in the form of a stipend with the remainder covering health insurance. This level of support is guaranteed for five years, contingent on satisfactory progress towards the degree according to departmental guidelines. In his or her first year in the program, a student entering without an M. A. in philosophy or a closely related area is not expected to teach. In subsequent years, acting as a teaching assistant each semester during the regular academic year forms part of the fellowship arrangement. For more advanced students, the opportunity to teach your own course is available under the same financial arrangements. In recent years, the Department has been able to arrange full or partial dissertation year fellowships for students who are on schedule, although this aspect of financial aid is not part of the official aid package.

2. Applicants of the highest caliber are eligible to be nominated by the Department for a Jefferson Fellowship. These fellowships provide $30,000 per year for five years plus tuition and health insurance. In years one, four, and five, Jefferson Fellows are exempt from teaching duties; in years two and three, service as a teaching assistant helps the Fellow prepare for a professional career. Research funds of $7,500 are also provided to each Fellow over the course of five years. As with a regular fellowship, continuing support is contingent upon satisfactory progress in the program. A Jefferson Fellow will be a member of our class entering in Fall 2013.

3. Summer Teaching Assistantships involve teaching a four and a half week course of one's own during the summer session. The pay has in recent years been about $3,900. Summer Teaching Assistantships are supplemental to fellowship support provided by the Graduate School or the Department.

4. Other forms of external financial support exist and the Department will assist students who wish to apply for such aid. Some travel support is expected to be available on a competitive basis for graduate students presenting papers at professional conferences or engaged in job seeking activities.