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Harold Langsam
Harold Langsam, Professor. (J.D., Harvard, Ph.D. Princeton). Before joining the faculty in 1995, he was a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow at Cornell University. Harold Langsam specializes in Philosophy of Mind, and Epistemology. He is currently working on issues relating to consciousness and epistemic justification.


The Wonder of Consciousness: Understanding the Mind Through Philosophical Reflection (Cambridge: MIT Press, 2011).

"Rationality, Justification, and the Internalism/Externalism Debate," Erkenntnis 68 (2008): 79-101.

"Why I Believe in an External World," Metaphilosophy (2006)

"Consciousness, Experience, and Justification," Canadian Journal of Philosophy (2002)

"Externalism, Self-Knowledge and Inner Observation," Australasian Journal of Philosophy (2002)

"Strategy for Dualists," Metaphilosophy (2001)

"Pain, Personal Identity, and the Deep Further Fact," Erkenntnis (2001)

"Kant's Compatibilism and His Two Conceptions of Truth," Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 81 (2000): 164-188.

"Why Colors Do Look Like Dispositions," The Philosophical Quarterly (2000)

"Experiences, Thoughts, and Qualia," Philosophical Studies (2000)

"How to Combat Nihilism: Reflections on Nietzsche's Critique of Morality," History of Philosophy Quarterly (1997)

"The Theory of Appearing Defended," Philosophical Studies (1997)

"Why Pains are Mental Objects," Journal of Philosophy (1995)

"Kant, Hume, and Our Ordinary Concept of Causation," Philosophy and Phenomenological Research (1994)

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