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John Marshall
JOHN MARSHALL. Professor. (Ph.D., Yale), specializes in ethics, history of ethics, philosophy of mind, and history of modern philosophy. He was Camargo Foundation Fellow, in 1991 and has published articles on Mill, Kant, Rawls and practical rationality. He is currently working on Kant's moral theory.


"Descartes's Provisional Morality," in Passion and Virtue in Descartes (Humanity Books, 2003)

Descartes's Moral Theory (Cornell University Press, 1998)

"Why Egoism is not Consistent," Review of Metaphysics (1991)

"Hypothetical Imperatives," American Philosophical Quarterly (1982)

"Egalitarianism and the General Happiness," in The Limits of Utilitarianism, H. Miller and W. Williams (eds.) (Minneapolis, 1982)

"The Failure of Contract as Justification," Social Theory and Practice (1975)

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