recent placement record

Placement Yr. Student Yr. PhD Granted Institution Position
2013-2014 Evan Keeling 2011 University of São Paulo, Brazil permanent
(previously post-doc)
Ashley Kennedy 2012 Florida Atlantic University tenure track
(previously post-doc at South Carolina)
Edith Gwendolyn Nally 2014 University of Richmond visiting assistant professor
Paul Nedelisky 2013 Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture UVA post-doc (renewed)
Jesse Newton 2012 Tidewater Community College tenure track equivalent
2012-2013 Ayca Boylu 2011 Izmir Katip Celebi University tenured
(previously visiting assistant professor at Tennessee)
Stewart Braun December 2012 Australian Catholic University, Brisbane tenure track
Bryan Cwik 2013 Penn State two year post-doc
Samuel Duncan 2011 University of Tennessee, Knoxville potentially permanent lecturer
Brannon McDaniel 2009 University of Richmond tenure track
(previously visiting assistant professor)
Dan Moseley 2010 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill two year post-doc
(previously visiting assistant professor)
Charles Rathkopf 2013 Mount Holyoke College visiting assistant professor
2011-2012 William Hasselberger 2012 Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture UVA post-doc (three year)
Adam Kadlac 2007 Wake Forest potentially permanent lecturer
(previously visiting at Tennessee)
Sam Nicholson 2011 Virginia Commonwealth University visiting assistant professor
2010-2011 Joungbin Lim 2011 Elizabeth City State University (North Carolina) tenure track
Jason Megill 2009 Carroll College tenure track
(previously visiting at Old Dominion University)
Kristina Meshelski 2011 California State University, Northridge tenure track
Amy Gilbert 2011 Eastern University visiting assistant professor (three years)
Ty Landrum 2011 University of Virginia one year postdoc
Chris Collins 2010 Manchester College visiting assistant professor
2009-2010 Chris Mayer 2010 West Point
2008-2009 Charlie Tanksley 2009 Clemson University visiting lecturer (renewed for a fifth year)
2007-2008 Elizabeth Fenton 2008 Harvard University two-year postdoc in Program in Ethics and Health
Catherine Sutton 2008 Virginia Commonwealth University tenure track
2006-2007 Hannah Phelps 2007 Pacific Lutheran University tenure track
2005-2006 Shaika Binjasim 2006 Kuwait University tenure track
Brian Powell 2005 Western Illinois University tenure track
Kalynne Pudner 2000 Auburn University adjunct
Edward Song 2005 LSU (after postdoc at Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture, Univ. Virginia) tenure track
Jonathan Stoltz 2005 St. Thomas University, Minnesota (after 1 yr. appointment at Univ. Virginia) tenure track
Patrick Toner 2005 Wake Forest (after 1yr. postdoc at Notre Dame) tenure track
2003-2004 Kirby Arinder 2004 Virginia Military Institute adjunct
2002-2003 Robert Crouch 2003 McGill tenure track
2001-2002 Joseph Miller 2002 West Point tenure track
2000-2001 Mary Marshall 2001 Virginia State University adjunct
Walter Ott 2001 East Tennessee State University tenure track (now tenured at VA Tech)
Michael Pelczar 2001 National University of Singapore tenure track
Mohammad Azadpur 1999 San Francisco State (after 2 yr. postdoc at Johns Hopkins) tenure track (now tenured)
1999-2000 John Anderson 2000 Attending Univ. Virginia Law
Michael Cholbi 2000 City College of NY tenure track (now tenure track at Cal State San Luis Obispo)
Gianluca Dimuzio 2000 Indiana University, Gary tenure track
Alex London 2000 Carnegie Mellon tenure track (now tenured)
1998-1999 Charles Klein 1999 Cycorp, AI software firm (after 1 yr. at Ithaca)
Pablo Quintinilla 1999 Catholic University, Peru tenure track
1997-1998 Anne Hunt 1998 AI Software firm
Chris Nattichia 1998 Cal State San Bernardino tenure track (now tenured)
Michael Papazian 1998 Berry College tenure track (now tenured)
John Rowan 1998 Purdue, Calumet tenure track (now tenured)
1996-1997 Cathy Gardner 1997 Univ. Michigan, Flint tenure track (now tenured at UMass Dartmouth)
Amy Karofsky 1997 Hofstra tenure track (now tenured)
Duncan Richter 1997 Virginia Military Institute tenure track
Nathan Wollstein 1997 Investment Banking
1995-1996 Peter Dlugos 1996 Bergen Community College tenure track (now tenured)
Doug Drabkin 1996 Fort Hays State tenure track (now tenured)
Nathan May 1996 VP Fleishman-Hillard, Japan (after NYU, Tufts, and Pace)
Caleb Thompson 1996 St. Johns, New Mexico tenure track
1994-1995 Russ Daw 1995 Univ. Alabama adjunct
James Doyle 1995 Univ. of Bristol, U.K. (after adjunct at Kansas State) tenure track (now tenured)
Victoria Voytko 1995 Univ. South Carolina tenure track