Recent MA Theses and Dissertations

Masters Theses: Student, Year, Title

Celene Abramson (1987): Ethics in Wittgenstein
C. Adair-Toteff (1993): Kant and Berkeley: The Gottinger Rezension
Geoffrey Anders (2004): An Exposition and Assessment of the Primary Arguments for Transcendental Idealism in the Transcendental Aesthetic of Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason
John Anderson (1998): Against Williams: A Non-Metaphysical Defense of the Morality System
Kirby Arinder (2001): The Antiphysicalist Perspective
Mary Bachman (1991): Augustine and Divine Illumination
Ana Balan (2009): Q P
Galen Barry (2011): Q P
Leslie Batchelor (1990): Pragmatism: A Philosophy of Law for Democracy
Kevin Bedell (1990): The Role of Mathematics in Plato's Republic
Nicholas Biniaris (1991): Plato's Theory of Anamnesis
Allen Bishop (1988): A Defense of Kant's Autonomy
Edward Blatnick (1988): Metaphysical Realism versus Internal Realism
Richard Bondi (1994): Walzer and Nonintervention
Michael Cholbi (1996): The Relativization of the Cartesian Ego
Juliette Christie (1988): An Ethic of Respect for Entities Having Inherent Worth
Christopher Collins (2006): John Dewey, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, and the Emergence of Agency
Kerrie Covell (1990): Legal Interpretation as Creation: Giving Up the Search for Metaphysical Foundations for Law and Legal Theory
Patrick Crawford (1992): Horkheimer's Critique of Positivism
David Curry (1985): A Reconsideration of Plato's Middle Period Theory of Forms: The Nature of Participation and the Range of Forms
Russell Daw (1991): Strawson's Compatibilism
Patrick Delahunty (2002): Rawls and Nuclear Waste: A Defense of ‘Justice as Fairness’ in Environmental Policy
Louis Derosset (1998): Names in Context: A Perspective on the Problem of Empty Names
Katherine Dimitriou (2002): Even Misanthropes Have Their Reasons
Gianluca DiMuzio (1997): Are Forms Particulars in Aristotle’s Metaphysics?
Peter Dlugos (1992): Cognitive Architecture and Explanation
Douglas Drabkin (1989): Aristotle and the Artist's Life
Matt Elkin (1995): Internalist and Contextualist Concepts of Responsibility
Jared Elosta (2005): Well-Being and Subjectivism
David Farmer (1986): Aristotle: Persistence of Matter
Kalen Fredette (2004): Religious Reasons in the Public Sphere: Problems of Stability and Respect
Steven Garmon (1991): Reweavability: A Deweyan Look at Jurisprudence via the Fish-Dworkin Exchange
Amy Gilbert (2008): Q P
Patricia Goolsby (1991): Realism, but no Yardsticks: What Austin and the Ethical Man Know
William Hasselberger (2009): Q P
Daniel Hedden (2004): A Defense of Rawls’ Duty of Assistance
Renee Hill (1990): Conditions of Personhood
Stephen Houser (1989): Recollection in Plato's Phaedo
Harry Jones (2010): Q P
Maria Jorina (2008): Q P
Adam Kadlac (2006): Engaging Callicles: The Challenge of Alternative Moralism and the Virtues of Socratic Elenchus
Amy Karofsky (1992): Spinoza's Monism
Evan Keeling (2006): Unity in Aristotle’s Metaphysics H.6
Ashley Kennedy (2011): Q P
Elizabeth Killebrew (1998): Kierkegaardian Love and Individual Development
Adele Kimmel (1986) Theories of Punishment and Their Relation to Sentencing Reform
Charles Klein (1996): Considerations on the Possibility of Knowledge Based on Non-entailing Evidence
Arthur Lambert (1992): Philosophical Meaning in Music
Jeffrey Leach (1992): Between the Human and the Divine: Contemplation and Moral Activity in Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics
Grace Ledbetter (1989): Sensible Imperfection in the Phaedo: A Defense of the Approximation View
Floyd Light (1995): Mill and Walzer on Non-Intervention
Farhana Loonat (2008): Q P
Mary Marshall (1996): The Boundaries of Art: Definitions of Art as Applied to Borderline Cases
Michael McKenna (1989): Can Action Explanation Be Causal Explanation?
Patricia Mendoza (2002): Knowledge of Universals and Knowledge of Particulars in Aristotle’s Nichomachean Ethics
Kristina Meshelski (2008): Q P
Philip Miller (2004): Paradoxes of Material Constitution: Reconsidering Identity, Persistence, and the Standard Ontology
Eugene Mills (1985): Translation and Belief
Joseph Milton (2005): Descriptive Terms and Referential Essentialism
Daniel Moseley (2005): What is the Nature of Phenomenal Consciousness?
Andrew Moser (1998): Frege’s Context Principle
Edith (Gwen) Nally (2011): Q P
Paul Nedelisky (2009): Q P
Dawn Nunziato (1989): Wittgenstein's Sign-Post
Anne O'Bryne (1993): Historical Respect and the Historiagraphy of Philosophy
Walter Ott (1997): Aristotle on Responsibility for Character in Nicomachean Ethics III.5
Thomas Package (2012): Q P
Michael Papazian (1991): Realism in Mathematics and Modality
Jacob Pease (2004): Imagination and the Paradox of Fictional Emotions
Michael Pelczar (1997): Frege and the Queen of the Sciences, or, the Scientist Redux
Hannah Phelps (2005): The Disposition of Attention: A Construal-Based Account of Emotions
Oliver Pollard (1988): Law and Lust: The Legitimacy of Governmental Control of Pornography and Public Nudity
Brian Powell (2002): Rawls on Stability, Democracy, and Justice
Kalynne Pudner (1990): Rights in the Family
Joseph Rainsbury (1997): Preemptive and Additive Over-Determination and the Ascription of Moral Responsibility for Harm
Peter Resciniti (1991): First Philosophy and the Problem of Eternal Substance
Chelsea Rosenthal (2008): Q P
John Rowan (1994): Quasi-Lockean Rights of Punishment
Edward Rutledge (1985) The Theory of Knowledge in Plato's Theaetetus
Jeanne Salmon (1990): The Role of Love in Bioethical Theory
Nancy Schauber (1987): Parfit, Persons and Morality
Joel Smith (1990): Analogical Reasoning
Edward Song (2001): Reason, Responsibility and Ownership: An Examination of Reason-Based Accounts of Moral Responsibility
Eric Steed (1993): The Goal of the Socratic Elenchus
Jonathan Stoltz (2002): Objects and Identity in Mathematical Structures
Jean Suplizio (1994): An Examination of John Rawls' Ideal Theory
Caleb Thompson (1990): Philosophy and the Corruption of Language
Ryan Vaughn (2011): Q P
Victoria Voytko (1986) Aristotle's Topics and the Doctrine of Categories
Elizabeth Walden (1989): On the Possibility of Relations Among Forms in Plato's Middle Theory
Aaron Wall (2008): Psychologism, Simples, and the Subject: Nonsense in Wittgenstein’s Tractatus
Patricia Williams (1985) Aspects of Biological Taxonomy
Sarah Williams (1986): Liberty, Welfare and the Constitution
Nathan Wollstein (1992): Socrates and Weakness of the Will
Anthony Zanella (2006): Reconsidering Ordinary Language Philosophy
Sara Zia (2009): Q P
Karen Zumhagen (1998): Wittgenstein and Tolstoy: Teaching Ethics

Dissertations: Student, Year, Title

Marshie Agee (2000): John Sergeant and the ‘New’ Empiricism
John Anderson (2000): Ethics in Linguistic Space and the Challenge of Morality
Kirby Arinder (2005): Impractical Naturalism
Mohammed Azadpur (1999): Experience Conceptualized: Between the Myth of the Given and Coherentism
Shaikha Binjasim (2006): Non-existent Objects as Patterns of Properties
David H. Blankfein-Tabachnick (2006): Rawlsian Justice, Pre-Institutional Concepts and the Private Law
Ed Blatnick (1993): The Refutation of Anti-Realism
Ayca Boylu (2011): Morality as Understanding Human Beings
Kevin Cahill (2002): The Moral Dimension of Wittgenstein’s Writing
Michael Cholbi (1999): Publicity and Practical Reason: Between Kantianism and Subjectivism
Chris Collins (2010): Seeing our Other Selves: Friendship and Selfhood in Aristotle's Ethics
Justus Cooke (1986): Wittgenstein and the Theoretic Spirit in Philosophy
David Curry (1990): Flux and Forms: An Examination of Plato's Notion of Change in the Middle Dialogues
Russell Daw (1995): Free Will and Determinism: An Assessment of the Traditional Approach to the Compatibility Issue
David Demoss (1987): Compatibilism, Practical Wisdom, and the Narrative Self, or, If I Had My Act Together, I Could Have Done Otherwise
Gianluca DiMuzio (2000): The Voluntary in Aristotle’s Philosophy: Action, Character, Responsibility
Peter Dlugos (1996): Explaining Action: A Functionalist Approach
Garry Dobbins (1991): The Meaning of Life in the Work of Nietzsche and Wittgenstein
James Doyle (1993): Freedom, Altruism and the State: A Rousseauian Conception
James Downey (1988): Rationalist Theistic Metaphysics: A Defense
Douglas Drabkin (1993): Perfect Goodness Imperfectly Known
Samuel Duncan (2011): Kant on Freedom, Reason, and Moral Evil
Rodney Evans (1987): The Case for Good Samaritan Laws
David Farmer (1989): Time and McTaggart's Paradox
Elizabeth Fenton (2008): Overlapping Consensus and Human Rights
Jennifer Flynn (2007): The Relevance of Method: Moral Theory and Moral Thought
Catherine Gardner (1996): Moral Philosophy and the Novels of George Eliot
Steven Garmon (1992): Pragmatist Critiques of Jurisprudence
Amy Gilbert (2011): 'Beyond Reason and Beyond Merit:' Practical Wisdom and the Second Person
Lucan Gregory (2007): The State, Authority, and Legitimacy
William Hasselberger (2012): The Ideals of Agency: Autonomy, Sociality, Individuality
Renee Hill (1995): Compensatory Justice: A Rawlsian Perspective
Stephen Houser (1990): Substantial Form as a Universal in the Central Books of Aristotle's Metaphysics
Anne Hunt (1998): Talking About What Does Not Exist: A Semantics of Radical Reference Failure
Clinton Jones (2007): A Lockean Account of State Justification, Legitimacy, and Optimality
Adam Kadlac (2007): The Value of Persons
Amy Karofsky (1977): The Ontological status of Alethic Modalities in Aquinas, Suarez, and Leibniz
Frederik Kaufman (1984): Incorrigibility and Causal Theories of the Mind
Evan Keeling (2011): Aristotle on Perception, Phantasia, and Skepticism
Ashley Kennedy (2012): Models and Idealization in Scientific Explanation
Charles Klein (1999): Temporal Passage, Continuity, and Existence
Ty Landrum (2011): The Idea of Humanity
Arcibald Laud-Hammond (1988): Legal and Moral Problems in Criminal Attempts
Joungbin Lim (2011): Bodies and Persons: An Essay on Animalism
Alex London (1999): Virtue, Wisdom, and the Art of Ruling in Plato
Scott Lowe (1986): Principles of Reciprocity and Debts to Our Neighbors
Mary Marshall (2001): Truth in Art: An Examination of the Epistemic Value of Expression and Imagination
Nathan May 2010 (1995): Rehabilitating Universals: A Defense of a Form of Platonic Realism
Chris Mayer (2010): Committed Service in the Military: Bringing Together Selflessness and Self-Fulfillment
Brannon McDaniel (2009): Relations, Truth, and Existence: A Defense of Presentism
Michael McKenna (1993): Responsibility Without Free Will: A Cognitivist Approach
Jason Megill (2008): Essays on the Mind-Body Problem
Kristina Meshelski (2011): The Structure of Injustice: A New Approach to Nonideal Theory
Joseph Miller (2001): John Stuart Mill on Quality and Competence
Daniel Moseley (2010): The Virtues of Integrity
Andrew Moser (2007): Toward a Categorical Conception of Cognitive Normativity
Chris Naticchia (1995): An Examination and Critique of Strategies for Defending Liberalism
Sam Nicholson (2011): Transparency and Intrinsic Intentionality
John Nickles (1993): A Question of Method: Dworkin, CLS, and Rorty
Walter Ott (2000): Empiricism and Meaning in Locke
Michael Papazian (1995): Truth, Intuition, and Rationality
Michael Pelczar (2000): Philosophical Semantics
Hannah Phelps (2007): Why Moral Excellence Requires Appropriate Emotion: Attention, Construals, and Evaluations
Albert Piacente (1993): The Naturalization of Philosophy: A Critical Examination of the Philosophy of Hilary Putnam
Brian Powell (2005): A Critique of Practical Reason Foundationalism
Kalynne Pudner (2000): A Way Beyond Caring: Covenant as a Moral Framework for Intimacy
Pablo Quintanilla (1999): Making Sense of Others: Interpretation and Understanding
Duncan Richter (1995): Ethics After Anscombe
Mary Robinette (1986): John Locke on Personal Identity
John Rowan (1997): Moral Rights as Policy Instruments
Crispin Sartwell (1989): Art and Articulation
Donald Screen (1983): Realism and Grammar
Deborah Slicer (1989): Your Daughter or Your Dog: Against the Singer-Reagan Approach to Deciding our Moral Obligations to Animals
Edward Song (2005): The Bounds of Justice: Rawls on Global Justice and International Obligation
Jonathan Stoltz (2005): Belief, Truth, and Indicative Conditional Propositions
Catherine Sutton (2007): Objects and Their Parts: A Colocationist Metaphysics of Composition
Charlie Tanksley (2009): Masses
Caleb Thompson (1994): Wittgenstein's Confessions: A Study of the Influence of Augustine's and Tolstoy's Confessions on the Philosophy of Wittgenstein
Clark Thompson (1991): Hume's Views on Moral Judgment
Patrick Toner (2005): Existence and Emergence
Vincent Vaccaro (1973): Agent Causality in the Understanding of Human Action
Victoria Voytko (1993): Recurrence and Teleology in Stoic Physics
James White (1985): Knowledge, Skepticism, and Externalist Epistemologies
Nathan Wollstein (1995): Self-Deception