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The UVa Program in Perú requires a 2.80 GPA on a 4.00 scale in order to participate in the program, although the admission committee will have the discretion to admit students with lower GPAs under certain circumstances. Applicants must also satisfy all UVa study-abroad requirements in order to be admitted into the program. The program is intended to form part of a comprehensive undergraduate degree program. The final right to accept credits remains with your home institution. You should check with your own International Studies Office or its equivalent for requirements and procedures necessary to receive credit.

No knowledge of the Spanish language is required for participation in the program. Unless indicated, courses for the Term Session or Summer Session, described on this website, are in English. Students may, at their request, be housed in homes where English is spoken.

Please send all inquiries to You may also consult by e-mail Professor Jorge Secada, Department of Philosophy, University of Virginia, at, or Dr. Ivy Arbulú, Mary Baldwin College at, about any aspect of the program. Information about the UVa Program in Perú can also be obtained from the International Studies Office at the University of Virginia at 200 Minor Hall, P.O. Box 400165, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA 22904-4165, or by email from Ms. Lisa Marks at or in person at the International Studies Office. Please send all postal mail inquiries and all other postal correspondence to the following address:


UVa Program in Perú

c/o International Studies Office, 200 Minor Hall

P.O. Box 400165

University of Virginia

Charlottesville, VA 22904-4165


Summer Session applicants please apply with all required documents by March 1st.


Term Session applicants please return the attached application form with all required documents by November 1st for fall applicants, April 1st for spring applicants.


All applicants, whether from the University of Virginia, from Mary Baldwin College, or from another university or college, must submit their applications on-line. On-line electronic applications can be accessed from a link in the University of Virginia Program in Perú web site:


or from a link in the University of Virginia International Studies Office site:


Only electronic applications submitted on-line will be accepted.


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