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Financial aid in the form of scholarships and grants to cover the cost of the program either fully or in part may be available for University of Virginia students on the basis of need and of merit. If you are considering participating in the program and may need financial aid, please see an advisor at the International Studies Office (Minor Hall, 2nd floor), your dean of students, and any of the program’s staff or faculty immediately. See all three persons, and do so as soon as you can. Many students miss out on aid opportunities because they inquire after deadlines have passed, or because they fail to inquire at one of these three sources (ISO, your College or School, and the Program). Mary Baldwin College students should contact Professor Ivy Arbulú (Carpenter/Academic 215).

Several grants are now being offered directly through the UVa Program in Perú. Grants will be awarded on the basis of need and merit. For the summer program, two grants of $600 each are available. One will go to a UVa student, while the other is open to all applicants. For the term sessions, one grant of $800 is available for each term, and it is open to all applicants. To apply for these grants, students should contact the UVa Program in Perú directly, not ISO. An extra recommendation letter, separate from the one used to apply to the program at large, must be included, as well as a personal statement of need. Non-UVa students should request that their institution’s Office of Financial Aid, or similar office, contact the UVa Program in Perú regarding their application and specific financial need. Details and application guidelines and instructions are available upon request from and from the Program administrators.


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