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Summer Session: 
From mid-May to early July

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From late August to mid-December
& From early March to mid-July

  The University of Virginia Program in Perú has been running for nearly fifteen years. All courses offered through the Program have at least 40 lecture hours each and are taught by regular Universidad Ruiz de Montoya, University of Virginia, or other Program-approved Peruvian university faculty on the campus of the host institution in Lima. Among other culturally-oriented activities, the program includes visits to museums, theatrical productions, archaeological Inca and pre-Inca sites, sites in the city of Lima (founded in 1535), and to the surrounding countryside.

Students will have the opportunity to visit sites of historical and cultural importance in Perú before or after classes start, or during mid-session breaks. These include archaeological sites in northern or southern Perú, such as the recently discovered 5000-year-old city of Caral, the tomb of the Lord of Sipán, or the famous Nazca Lines, from where there is easy access to beach resorts; the tropical beach sites in Tumbes and Máncora, which are sunny all year round; and the Peruvian Amazonic jungle either in Iquitos, the first sea-port on the Amazon River, in the region of Tarapoto, located in the northwestern foothills of the Andes, or in Madre de Dios in southern Perú, bordering Brazil and Bolivia. Students may, of course, also visit Cusco and the ancient lost city of Machu Picchu.

Former participants in our program have returned to Perú in later years to engage in further study at the host institution, take up internships in human rights organizations, carry out research as Fulbright scholars, teach in Peruvian grade schools, help in archaeological digs, or just to visit the friends they left behind when they returned to the US.

The program has an excellent security record with no incidents involving personal injury since its inception more than a decade ago. The Universidad Ruiz de Montoya is part of the extensive international network of Jesuit universities and colleges, with ample experience in the administration of study abroad program. Landscape by Adriana

The UVa Program in Perú offers students the opportunity of studying either for a full semester or for a briefer Summer Term. During the six-week Summer Session, from late-May to early July, students can take up to nine credits worth of courses. During the Term Sessions, which run from August to December (Fall Term) and from March to July (Spring Term), students can take up to 15 credits worth of courses. No knowledge of Spanish is required for participation in any of these sessions, and they both offer students access to a fully-functioning Peruvian university and the possibility of full integration in Peruvian student life.

The UVa Program in Perú facilitates the integration of its students into the wider cultural and social life of the country. Local film directors, writers, and other intellectual and political personalities regularly visit our courses. Students with the UVa Program have been interviewed on Peruvian national TV. They have also appeared in local and regional cultural television programs.

In these and other ways the UVa Program is unique amongst study-abroad programs in Perú. It is the only international Program hosted at the small Jesuit college of Lima, the Universidad Antonio Ruiz de Montoya. Unlike other programs operating from larger, more commercially oriented institutions, our students, whether in the summer or the full-term sessions, are fully integrated into the life of our host institution and have priority during matriculation into local courses. Our special program courses in English are open to Peruvian students; and our courses in the Spanish language are not offered by commercial language institutes but are closely modeled on their UVa equivalents. Furthermore, our students also have the opportunity of taking any regular course offered by the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, one of the more prestigious institutions of higher-learning in South America.  The program expects to be able to offer the curriculum of other excellent Peruvian universities to its students in the near future.

The program offers financial aid to both UVa and non-UVa students. Program grants are awarded on the basis of need and merit. Further details are described below, in the section on Financial Aid.

The program Director is Professor Jorge Secada from the University of Virginia Department of Philosophy. Professor Secada is a native of Perú who regularly holds visiting appointments at Peruvian universities and is well known in Lima for his regular contributions to newspapers and appearances on local cultural TV shows. The program Associate Director and on-site, full-time director is Professor Ivy Arbulú from Mary Baldwin College in Staunton, Virginia. Professor Arbulú is a native of Lima whose alma mater is the Universidad Católica. Dr. Arbulú has held visiting appointments at the University of Virginia and at the Universidad Católica del Perú. Mary Baldwin College is affiliated with the University of Virginia Progam in Perú. Our Director in Lima is Francisco Tumi, who is a humanities professor at the prestigious Universidad del Pacífico. Professor Tumi is a well-known journalist and novelist who hosted a successful cultural program on Peruvian television.The program Associate Resident Director in Lima is Patricia Mendoza, a UVa graduate who is a faculty member at our host institution.


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