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The Term Sessions of the University of Virginia Program in Perú will take place:

In 2010, from March 1st to July 23rd and from August 2nd until December 22nd.
In 2011, from March 1st to July 22nd and from August 1st until December 22nd.
and in 2012, from March March 1st to July 20th and from August 1st until December 22nd.

Classes will take place during the regular Universidad Antonio Ruiz de Montoya semesters, running from mid-March to early to mid-July and from mid-August until early to mid-December.

The Program offers financial aid opportunities for both UVa and non-UVa students attending its Term Sessions. These grants are awarded on the basis of need and merit and are described above, in the section on Financial Aid.

Full Term students also have the opportunity of taking either courses specially designed for the University of Virginia Program and conducted in English or Spanish and open to regular students of our host institution, or regular Universidad Antonio Ruiz de Montoya classes. All students will be fully integrated as full-time students at the Ruiz. Spring Term Session students may also take up to six credits in Summer Session courses. Participants in the UVa Program in Perú Full Term sessions are assigned Peruvian students as compañeros (companions), to help her or him meet other Peruvian students and integrate into the life of the host university. Students may also register for any regular courses offered at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. Courses from our host institution in Lima, or from the Universidad Católica will be accredited through a transcript from the respective institution.

Please note that to count courses towards a major all UVa students must obtain the approval of the appropriate major advisor or departmental Director of Undergraduate Studies (though special program courses in philosophy and history will count towards majors and minors in those departments, subject to their usual regulations and requirements). Non-UVa students should seek advice from their International Studies Office or major or minor department regarding transfer of credits.

Term Session students may enroll in 15 UVa credits worth of courses from the regular Universidad Antonio Ruiz de Montoya, offerings can be obtained from their web site  ( and require fluency in the Spanish language.
From special UVa Program English-language offerings, or from the program’s Spanish language courses, students may also take any course offered by the Universidad Católica ( The special English language offerings for the Term Sessions include the courses described in the Term Session Curriculum section.

All special courses are worth 3 credits each. Term Session students are required to enroll in at least 12 credits (a minimum full-time UVa course load).

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When you register for the Program you will be advised by the Program Director regarding your course of study, depending on your interests.


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