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Rock climing

Before the start of term, Fall Term students will participate in an excursion to sites of cultural, historic, or ecological significance in the Central Andes around the city of Tarma. They will also visit the Central Amazonic region of Chanchamayo including the towns of San Ramón, Pichanaki, and Satipo.

Immediately after arrival in Lima, Spring Term students will go on a brief two-day excursion to the 5000-year old city of Caral. They will later participate in the 10-day excursion to Tarma in June with the Summer Session students.  At the start of term, at mid-term, and then towards the end of term, all full term students will participate in one-day events, around a lunch or dinner emphasizing exposure to Peruvian culinary and cultural traditions. All these events are designed to provide opportunities to critically reflect upon the experience of being in Perú, and the effect it may be having on the students’ perspectives and cultural awareness.

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