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Volunteering and Internship Opportunities

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The UVa Program in Perú of Volunteering and Internship Opportunities offers volunteering and internship opportunities for students who are interested in getting involved in social and humanitarian work, or have other extra-curricular interests in Perú. We aim to provide opportunities for our students to engage in volunteer work which will also afford them a learning experience away from the classroom and in direct contact with different sectors of the Peruvian population.

Although the possibilities for volunteer work vary according to the length of time the student will be in Perú, i.e. Term Session or Summer Session, we can provide, and have provided in the past, opportunities in four general areas: education, health and medical aid, social work, and environmental protection and education. In previous years, our students have been involved in various interesting and personally fulfilling projects, including cleaning, fixing, painting and plVolunteers 2009anting trees in a low-income school in Lima, collaborating with a music school in rural areas outside Lima, providing assistance to the elderly, teaching children rescued from domestic violence, and helping English language teachers at local schools. Other students have worked in NGOs dedicated to the protection of the environment, helping raise environmental consciousness in poorer areas of Lima. Former UVa Program students have also worked as volunteers or have done internships in NGOs devoted to the protection of human rights, and some have done research in the areas of special education and the distribution of microcredits to low income women.

The program has a special relation with the Asháninka native community of Puerto Ocopa in the Peruvian central high Amazonic foresvolunteers 2009t, and with the Instituto Asháninka de Educación Superior in that town. In the past, students have been guests of the community and of the institute; and program students and its director are featured in the feature-length documentary film Asháninka (2010) by renowned journalist José María Salcedo. A small number of qualified students can benefit from challenging and demanding volunteering opportunities at Puerto Ocopa, engaging in program-supervised teaching and social-service activities, while at the same time enriching their personal and social development through interaction with the rich culture and history of the Asháninka nation.

AshaninkaThese opportunities are available starting in the months of July and August, and can be arranged for varying durations, with a minimum commitment of one month. They are open to qualified students of any session as they start immediately after our Summer and Spring Terms and immediately before our Fall Term.

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Students who would like to volunteer for work with the Asháninkas must contact the Program Director, Mr. Jorge Secada at (his office is in Cocke Hall 120). All other students interested in volunteering or interships should contact UVa Program’s Associate Resident Director, Ms. Patricia Mendoza at


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