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                      UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA

TITLE:  EXPENDITURE REFUNDS                         POLICY:  VI.E.1x 
Deposits to expenditure codes are permitted only under the
following circumstances.

Joint Funding

When an event is funded jointly by the University and another
organization, and the University bears the initial expenses, the
organization's contribution may offset the University's charges.


If a check is returned, it should be deposited to the original
object code.

Travel Reimbursements

If a faculty or staff member travels on behalf of another
organization, and is reimbursed by that organization, the check
should be deposited to the original travel object code.

NOTE:  If the University receives funds to cover the cost of travel
undertaken by a University employee in the normal conduct of
his/her job, these funds should be handled as a gift to the
University and be deposited into a departmental sundry gift
account.  If the travel expenses were originally charged to a
different account, an Inter-departmental Transfer Invoice should be
prepared to transfer the charges to the gift account.

Vendor Refunds

If a vendor returns funds because of an overpayment or because
goods were returned, the check should be deposited to the original
expenditure object code.

See also Procedures:

     4-11, "Preparation of Deposit/Receipt Form,"

     6-18, "Preparation of Inter-Departmental Transfer Invoice,"   

     9-2, "Preparation of Deed of Gift."

ISSUED BY:                                                 04/03/89

University Comptroller         6.5.1