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Policy: X.A.2x (inactive)

Issued: December 15, 1986

Owner: Associate Comptroller, Financial Reporting and Analysis

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1.0 Purpose

This policy describes the transfer of research equipment from the university.

2.0 Policy [Top]

A faculty member transferring to another university and wanting to transfer research equipment to the new institution must obtain approval for such transfer and notify the Property Accounting Section of the Department of Financial Reporting and Analysis.

Research equipment at the University falls into one of the following categories:

To transfer research equipment the principal investigator should submit a written request to his department head for approval and signature. The department head then forwards the request to the dean for approval and signature. When the department head is the principal investigator the request is submitted first to the dean and then to the Provost or applicable vice president.

The request should be justified and include a list of items to be transferred showing item description, funding source of the original purchase, grant or contract number (if equipment was purchased with sponsored project funds), acquisition cost, and serial number. An Equipment Inventory Change Request (Form P-1) should be attached indicating the UVA asset number. The request should answer the following questions:

The evaluation should state if the equipment is excess to the needs of the department, and address the above points as well.

Approved requests to transfer research equipment should be sent to Financial Reporting and Analysis for appropriate action. Financial Reporting and Analysis will notify receiving institutions about equipment transferred to them.

See also:

Procedure 10-1, "Preparation of Inventory Change Request."

3.0 Definitions [Top]

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