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Policy: XIII.A.1

Issued: February 9, 1994

Owner: Chief Facilities Officer

Latest Revision:


1.0 Purpose

This policy provides the definitions necessary for the facilities management policies.

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3.0 Definitions [Top]

The University's buildings, structures, grounds and their systems are known as its physical plant, or facilities. Contained within this chapter are the University's policies governing the expansion, renovation, improvement, repair, maintenance, operation, and use of facilities. These policies apply to all University departments and divisions.

The following definitions are pertinent to Facilities Management activities discussed in these policies:

3.1 Maintenance

The keeping of an asset in a state of good repair; to preserve from failure or decline through regular servicing, adjustments, and responding to trouble calls.

3.2 Repair

The correction of deficiencies in plant or installed equipment which can be economically kept in or returned to service without replacement.

3.3 Improvement

All work accomplishing a specific purpose and a complete, usable enhancement for an existing facility or installed system, including related architectural and technical services, fixed equipment installed as part of a facility, and site development. Improvements can include alteration/conversion of interior space arrangement and other physical characteristics to increase a facility's effectiveness for its present or a new purpose; or renovation/restoration to part or all of a facility or existing mechanical system to modernize the asset's capability and increase its effectiveness for its designated purpose, in compliance with current code requirements.

3.4 Renewal

The restoration of an asset to its original operating condition; complete reworking of a building and its major systems which results in an expected useful life equal to that of a new facility.

3.5 Replacement

The construction or purchase of an asset in place of that which has been so damaged or outlived its useful life that it cannot be economically repaired or renovated; to substitute an equivalency.

3.6 Capital Outlay

An acquisition of property and improvements, a new construction project, a renovation, maintenance or repair project, or an equipment acquisition which meets the criteria in Chapter 3 of the Department of Planning and Budget Commonwealth Planning and Budget System Manual.

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