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Policy: XIII.B.1

Issued: February 9, 1994

Owner: Chief Facilities Officer

Latest Revision:


1.0 Purpose

This policy describes the general guidelines for maintenance, repair, and renovation provided by facilities management.

2.0 Policy [Top]

2.1 Facilities Maintenance and Repair

Facilities Management is responsible for a comprehensive, University-wide program to identify and carry out necessary maintenance and repair of University facilities. Facilities inspectors conduct periodic, detailed inspections to evaluate the maintenance condition of buildings and facilities and to identify any necessary corrective work.

Most University buildings are included in a computer-based preventive maintenance program, under which building and facility components, equipment, and systems are inspected, tested, and serviced on a scheduled basis. Required periodic test and inspection of elevators, fire protection systems, boilers and pressure vessels are performed under contract in accordance with applicable codes and regulations.

While these test and inspection programs identify the majority of the University's maintenance and repair work, additional deficiencies are expected to be identified and reported by building users as they occur.

2.2 Facilities Coordinators

Each school, department, or building has one or more facilities coordinators appointed by dean or department head. Facilities coordinators request services, approve and foreword written service requests and coordinate the provision of services by Facilities Management, and act as Facilities Management contact for utilities service shutdowns and other facilities matters.

2.3 Requesting Services

Repair needs should be reported by Facilities Coordinators or others to the appropriate service desk.

Academic Division:

Work Control
575 Alderman Road
Ph: 924-1777
FAX: 982-5894
PCMail: fm-serv

Health Sciences Center:

Medical Center Physical Plant
Box 388, McKim Hall
pH: 924-2267
FAX: 924-5342

Kluge Children's Rehabilitation Center:
Work Reception Desk
Kluge Children's Rehabilitation Center
Maintenance Division
pH: 924-0208

A Request for Service form is available to be used for written work requests. In the absence of a prior billing arrangement all reimbursable work requires written authorization.

2.4 Painting

Exterior painting is scheduled on a cyclical basis, modified when necessary by actual need to program exterior painting frequently enough to avoid deterioration of facilities. Interior painting activities are generally limited by the availability of funds to classroom space. Special color schemes are developed only when major public spaces of the University require repainting. For other interior painting, surfaces are normally repainted in the same color as existing or, in the case of major renovations, colors may be selected from a series of standard color schemes.

2.5 Renovations

Facilities Management is prepared to plan and carry out all renovation, alteration, and improvement of the University's academic, research, and support buildings and facilities as needed to accommodate new or changed programs. Such work is normally funded by the requesting organization.

To provide responsive, economical support to renovation requirements of limited scope, Facilities Management maintains a renovation work group comprising basic construction skills.

Work may be assigned to this force or completed under outside contract. Normally, renovations work will be subject to a Make/Buy cost comparison (a competitive bid process) unless the customer first specifies a preference for the in-house work force. The University cannot solicit bids unless ready, willing, and able to award to the lowest responsible bidder.

Renovation work must be described in detail on a Request for Service form and submitted to the appropriate service desk. For the requestor's planning and budget purposes, Facilities Management's Work Management Department will develop an estimated budget on request at no charge. If the work is of significant magnitude, Facilities Management's Facilities Planning and Construction Department, working with the requestor, may develop a project investigation report (PIR). To assist in financial program planning for facilities projects, the PIR defines the user's program needs and service requirements. This report provides a preliminary scope of work and estimated total project cost to conform to applicable codes and standards and good architectural and engineering practice. PIRs are prepared as general facilities planning support for all general fund supported University components to the extent of available funds, as allocated by vice presidential area.

See also:

Improvements or renovations must be completed in conformance to fire, safety and building codes; workmanship must be suitable to the work location and meet the University's standards.

It is possible to construct shelving and cabinetry to three different levels of quality. A request to construct casework should indicate the quality desired. However, economy (lowest) grade shelving and cabinetry may be more economically provided by purchasing pre-built units.

2.6 Grounds Maintenance/Refuse Collection Services

Facilities Management's Landscape Division provides a program of grounds care, which includes turf maintenance; care of shrubs, plantings, and trees; trash pickup; road and walk cleaning and maintenance; and snow and ice control. Deficiencies concerning grounds care should be handled as service calls.

Generally, the scope of plantings and other landscaping features, and their care, are limited by the availability of maintenance funds. Additional or special grounds care services can be provided only on a reimbursable basis. A Request for Service form, citing the appropriate fund code, should be submitted.

See also:

Procedure 13-1, "Preparing Request for Service."

Operating vehicles on University walks and grounds is not permitted unless absolutely necessary and only when a Grounds Permit has been issued by the Landscape Superintendent. Applications are available from Facilities Operations Department.

The Landscape Division assists the Division of Recoverable and Disposable Resources' University-wide refuse collection and disposal service on a scheduled basis. Special pickups in addition to the scheduled service will be provided on an at-cost basis. A Request for Service form, citing the appropriate fund code, should be submitted for extra services.

The Division of Recoverable and Disposable Resources supports University departments in establishing recycling programs to ensure compliance with University and State-mandated goals.

See also:

Procedure 13-1, "Preparing Request for Service."

2.7 Work by Contract

Maintenance, repair, and renovation work may be scheduled for outside contractors depending on the scope and nature of the work and availability of Facilities Management staff. Maintenance and service contracts are inspected by the Work Management Department. Construction and renovation contracts are administered and inspected by the Construction Management Division of Facilities Planning and Construction Department. Construction Management services are reimbursable, and ARE BILLED TO THE PROJECT IN ADDITION TO THE ACTUAL CONSTRUCTION COST.

2.8 Custodial Services

Facilities Management's Building Services Division provides custodial services to general fund supported administrative and academic buildings on a scheduled basis. A program of custodial care is provided to each building based upon need and funding limits.

Classrooms, offices, hallways, entrances, and stairs are cleaned on a scheduled basis, Monday through Friday. Chalk and erasers are supplied to classrooms in conjunction with the cleaning routine.

Restrooms are cleaned and serviced daily. Windows, carpets, and floors are cleaned periodically. The custodial staff also controls snow and ice removal on entrances and walks leading into buildings. Custodial services are not routinely provided on weekends.

Requests for service schedules or questions concerning custodial services may be directed to the Building Services Superintendent. Specific service problems are handled as service calls. Special or extra services may be provided on a reimbursable basis. A Request for Service form should be submitted to the appropriate service desk.

See also:

Procedure 13-1, "Preparing Request for Service."

2.9 Fire Safety Systems and Equipment

Facilities Management maintains existing built-in and public area fire safety systems and equipment in general fund supported facilities. Expansion, modification or improvement of existing fire safety systems or equipment, including that necessitated by changing codes, regulations, or space usage, is provided on a cost reimbursable basis and is normally the responsibility of the requesting department or vice president.

Installation and maintenance of fire detection and suppression systems and equipment in areas or facilities not supported by general funds are performed on a cost reimbursable basis.

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