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2010 Fall Conference

Capabilities and Human Rights; a conference on Amartya Sen The Idea of Justice

University of Virginia, November 19th -20th, 2010

Conference Participants:

Professor Hillel Steiner (Politics, University of Manchester)

Professor Luigino Bruni (Economics, University of Milano-Bicocca)

Professor Chandran Kukathas (Government, London School of Economics)

Professor Derrick Darby (Philosophy and Law, University of Kansas)

Professor David Lefkowitz (Philosophy, University of Richmond)

Professor John Ferejohn (Political Science, Stanford University and New York University)

Professor Mariah ZeisbergĀ  (Law and Politics, University of Michigan)

Professor Emanuela Ceva (Political Science, University of Pavia)

Professor Sahar Akhtar (Philosophy, University of Virginia)

Professor Deborah Boucoyannis (Politics, University of Virginia)

Professor John Arras (Philosophy and Bioethics, University of Virginia)

Loren Lomasky (Philosophy and PPL, University of Virginia)
Colin Bird (Politics and PPL, University of Virginia)