The William R. Kenan Endowment Fund of the Academical Village has established an endowment to fund educational outreach programs that further the educational mission of Jefferson’s Academical Village. The fund will support five awards of $5,000 ($4,000 for students, $1,000 for faculty advisors) for full-time research to be conducted during the summer. Undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled at the University of Virginia are eligible to apply. The awards are open to students in all disciplines, all departments, and all schools.

In accord with the stated purposes of the endowment, the summer grants will support educational opportunities for students to conduct research projects that increase public understanding of the Academical Village. These research projects may include architectural or field internships; development of exhibitions and other educational opportunities to inform and engage the public (of all ages) in the history, evolution, and restoration of this World Heritage site; preparation of materials on historic preservation for publication and public distribution; and other educational outreach initiatives.

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