An Uncultivated Legacy: Jefferson's Botanical Garden at the University of Virginia
by Lily Fox-Bruguiere 2009

Constructions of Ideology: An investigation in the shared motivations behind Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello and University of Virginia
Danielle Willkens 2008

The University of Virginia’s Gardens and Yards in the Nineteenth Century
Lydia Mattice Brandt 2008 

Tell Us About the Lawn, Mr. Jefferson: Children’s Tours of the Lawn at the University of Virginia by Allison Gillen, BAMT 2005

The Ideological Spaces of the Academical Village: A Reading of the Central Grounds at the University of Virginia. A Hypermedia Essay by Jim Cocola

Brick_Wood_Stone_Land_Water_Measurement: Index to the Construction of the Academical Village from 1817 to 1828 by Spencer Haynsworth 2004

The Education of William Gibbons by Scott Nesbit 2004

The Virtual Lawn by Penley Chiang 2003

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