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Federal government shutdown

October 1, 2013

To the University community:

As elected leaders in Washington search for solutions to the nation's budget impasse, the University's leadership will carefully monitor the federal government shutdown that has affected thousands in the capital and beyond.

Federal agencies posted contingency plans last week in anticipation of a shutdown. For more information about specific agency plans, please visit the White House website at

At this early stage, the University is particularly concerned about potential impact on research conducted via federal grants. In the short term, such work will continue unimpeded. Should the federal work-stoppage persist longer term, U.Va. and other universities face the risk of having certain federally funded research suspended. Our leadership is working to identify options, available sources of temporary funding and other contingencies should there be a prolonged government shutdown. If you are employed on a federal grant, please direct questions to your supervisor.

Fortunately, we foresee minimal potential effect on our ability to process federal student grants and loans during the current semester. The vast majority of federal loan funds for the fall have been awarded, and risks here appear minimal in the near future.

We all share concerns about the human impact of the federal government shutdown. Hundreds of thousands of federal workers and contractors - some of them family members of U.Va. students, faculty and staff - find themselves furloughed and facing great uncertainty at this time. Please join me in keeping their best interests in our thoughts.

We remain hopeful that Congress and the President will soon be successful in their efforts to resolve the government shutdown.

Teresa A. Sullivan