New Leaders and New Perspectives

In an era of change, the University thrives on the fresh perspectives and enthusiasm that new leaders bring. In 1994-95,David W. Breneman, former president of Kalamazoo College in Michigan and an authority on higher education financing, was appointed dean of the Curry School of Education, succeeding James M. Cooper, who stepped down after ten years to return to full-time teaching and research.

Simon Brown

Alex M. Johnson, Jr., professor of law, and Stephen E. Schnatterly, the Francis H. Smith Professor of Physics, were named to fill new part-time vice provost positions. They round out the four-member team that shares responsibility for academic planning with Vice President and Provost Peter W. Low. Johnson serves as vice provost for faculty recruitment and retention, while Schnatterly is vice provost for graduate studies.

This year, the University named Simon Brown the director of the Equal Opportunity Programs Office. He is charged with promoting minority student recruitment as well as equal employment and affirmative action planning at the University.

There are also a number of new faces on our Board of Visitors. Gov. George F. Allen appointed Elizabeth A. Twohy of Virginia Beach, John P. Ackerly, III, of Richmond, and T. Keister Greer of Franklin County, to join the sixteen-member board.

Endowed Chairs

The University of Virginia gains immeasurably by attracting and retaining men and women at the very top of their profession. This year, the University named the following faculty members to endowed professorships.

Barry E. Adler, Sullivan & Cromwell Professor of Law

John D. Arras, H. William Porterfield, M.D., and Linda Obenauf Porterfield Professor of Biomedical Ethics

Barbara D. Bateman, Frank Talbott, Jr. Visiting Professor of Education

David W. Breneman, University Professor and Professor of Education

Eugene C. Corbett, Jr., M.D., Harrison Medical Teaching Associate Professor of Generalist Medicine

Stephen B. Cushman, Mayo Distinguished Teaching Professor of English

James F. Deetz, David A. Harrison, III Professor of Historical Archaeology

Don E. Detmer, M.D., University Professor of Health Policy

Gerald P. Fogarty, William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Religious Studies

E.D. Hirsch, Jr., University Professor of Education and Humanities

Cornelius O. Horgan, Wills Johnson Professor

James Hunter, William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Sociology

Robert J. Kadner, Norman J. Knorr Professor in the School of Medicine

Arthur C. Kirsch, Alice Griffin Professor of English Literature

Andrea Leers, Harry S. Shure Professor of Architecture

Saul Levmore, Albert Clark Tate, Jr., Professor of Law

William A. McDonough, Elson Professor of Architecture

James A. Marshall, Thomas Jefferson Professor of Chemistry

Thomas A. Massaro, M.D., Harrison Foundation Professor of Medicine and Law

Steven A. Meixel, M.D., Harrison Medical Teaching Professor of Generalist Medicine

Richard W. Miksad, Thomas M. Linville Professor of Engineering and Applied Science

Margaret E. Mohrmann, M.D., Harrison Medical Teaching Associate Professor of Generalist Medicine

Barbara Nolan, Robert C. Taylor Professor of English

Ben H. Nunnally, Jr., Morris Visiting Professor of Business Administration

William F. Pinar, Frank Talbott, Jr. Visiting Professor

Harry W. Porter, Lawrence Lewis, Jr. Professor of Architectur e

William B. Quandt, Harry Flood Byrd, Jr. Professor of Government and Foreign Affairs

Robert E. Reynolds, M.D., William Hobson Professor of Information Sciences and Professor of Health Evaluation Sciences

George A. Rutherglen, F. Palmer Weber Research Professor of Civil Liberties and Human Rights

Robert N. Sayler, John A. Ewald, Jr. Distinguished Visiting

Professor of Law

Werner Seligmann, Thomas Jefferson Professor of Architecture

Gary J. Shiflet, William G. Reynolds Professor of Materials Science

Kimberly J. Smith, Morris Visiting Associate Professor of Business Administration

Robert A. Strong, Compton Visiting Professor in World Politics

William J. Stuntz, Horace W. Goldsmith Research Professor of Law

Jennings L. Wagoner, William Clay Parrish, Jr. Professor of Education

William Laurens Walker, Hunton & Williams Professor of Law

Steven D. Walt, Class of 1963 Research Professor of Law

Gwo-Jaw Wang, Lillian T. Pratt Professor of Orthopaedics

Douglas J. White, Nancy and Neal Wade Professor of Engineering and Applied Science

George K. Yin, Harrison Foundation Research Professor of Law

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