The President's Report 1995

Report of the President John T. Casteen, III

"Above all things,
I hope the education
of the common people
will be attended to; convinced
that on their good senses we may rely
with the most security
for the preservation of
a due degree of liberty."
Thomas Jefferson
to James Madison, 1787

This is the text-only version of the President's Report 1994-1995. A version including images and using Netscape extensions

is available.

A Year of Accomplishment and Creativity

We Hold These Truths... An Unprecedented Demonstration of Support

Simply the Best

A Faculty of Discoverers and Teachers

Feature: The Arts Make a Stand

Reshaping the Body of Knowledge

Health Care for the New Century

Readying the Grounds for the 21st Century

Harnessing Technology to Revitalize Our Institutions

New Leaders and New Perspectives

Feature: A Team Effort Is a Winning Effort

Reengineering the Institution

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Report of the Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

© 1994 by the Rector and Visitors of the University of Virginia.

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