The Support of Alumni and Friends

his University has been blessed with the ardent and enthusiastic support
Campaign leaders John Casteen and Josh Darden attest that the momentum and excitement generated by the campaign show no sign of abating.
of alumni and friends. Although the number of our alumni is small compared to most public research universities, their combined philanthropic contributions totaled $45 million in 1995-96.

This widespread devotion to the University is a major reason why the Campaign for the University of Virginia, which was formally launched last year, has made such astonishing progress. The campaign goal was raised from $700 million to $750 million at last fall's kickoff celebration; on September 30, 1996, the campaign total stood at $460 million.

The University raised $104 million in 1995-96, an exceptional amount for a public university and a 33 percent increase over the previous year's total. In the past five years, the amount of annual private contributions has nearly doubled, and the momentum and excitement generated by the campaign show no sign of abating.

The campaign has entered its regional phase, with as many as thirty local campaigns being staged in cities where the University has significant concentrations of alumni, friends, and parents. Under the direction of the National Leadership Gifts Council, campaign committees in New Orleans, Houston, New York, Tidewater, Richmond, Wilmington, Birmingham, Atlanta, Lynchburg, and other cities have mobilized to launch local events.

The success of the campaign can be credited to the unstinting efforts of its executive committee, chaired by Joshua P. Darden, Jr. (Col '58); the National Leadership Gifts Council, headed by Charles L. Brown (Engr '43); and thousands of volunteers. During the last three years, President John T. Casteen, III, has met with alumni groups around the world, soliciting their vision of the University's future and working with them to create an effective fund-raising strategy.


New Orleans


New York








A sampling of individual gifts reflects the outstanding generosity and commitment of those whose lives have been touched by the University:


Amassing the Resources for Leadership

Thomas A. Saunders, III, and Jordan Horner Saunders of New York committed $10 million to endow an academic center for executive education at the Darden School. They had previously contributed more than $3 million to the new Darden Grounds project. In gratitude, the central building on the new Darden Grounds was named in their honor.

This year, the Darden Graduate School of Business Administration also announced the creation of the Batten Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership and appointed its first executive director, Wendell E. Dunn, III. The center was made possible through a $13.5 million donation from Frank Batten, Sr., chairman of Landmark Communications, Inc., of Norfolk and two of his children, Frank Batten, Jr., and Dorothy Batten Rolph, both Darden graduates. These funds will be matched by endowment gifts from others in a fund-raising effort that could reach a total of $27 million.

A number of foundations, corporations, and other organizations made substantial commitments this year to the capital campaign.

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