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Third-year students Katie Hamm and Sean Driscoll have been named 2003 Truman Scholars. Ms. Hamm, from Stafford, and Mr. Driscoll, from Belle Harbor, N.Y., are both majors in the Political and Social Thought Program. Mr. Driscoll also holds the Hilliard Family Jefferson Scholarship.

An Evolving Curriculum
The University is in the early stages of a careful examination of its curriculum, a study that will lead to decisive steps to strengthen the academic experience of our undergraduates. In the meantime, we continue to introduce new programs that reflect advances in knowledge, that capitalize on expertise we have developed, and that respond to students eager to pursue new intellectual challenges.The College of Arts and Sciences launched its "common course," a series of team-taught classes in which some of our most distinguished scholars provide perspectives from a variety of disciplines on pressing contemporary issues. "War, Justice, and Human Rights" was offered last fall, followed by "Environmental Decisions" in the spring. The courses were well received and have set the stage for additional interdisciplinary offerings. The School of Engineering and Applied Science also has focused on interdisciplinary educational efforts. A new bachelor of science degree in biomedical engineering will draw on the strengths of a longstanding graduate program offered jointly by engineering and medicine.

Cross-disciplinary thinking has led to innovations at the graduate level as well. The University has introduced new master's degree and doctoral programs in computer engineering, and in January, the Board of Visitors approved the creation of a new master of public health program. The University's new Ph.D. program in music, the first in Virginia, has been a success right from the start. Students are able to take an interdisciplinary approach to the study of music, whether it's a composer combining music with video and interactive performance, or a music historian revealing the role of women in nineteenth-century opera in light of feminist literary studies.

Other curricular initiatives are emerging from the Health System's Decade Plan. The plan calls for greater support for the clinical educator, construction of a new medical education and simulation facility, and a new research program on the way medicine is taught and learned. A new Academy of Medical Educators will reward excellence in teaching in much the same vein as the annual Innovative Teaching Awards sponsored by the School of Nursing's Alumni Association.

Inspirations in the Classroom

Our best teachers bring their enthusiasm for intellectual inquiry into the classroom, providing the spark for student discovery and innovation. "In Celebration of Teaching," an annual ceremony held in the Rotunda, offers the opportunity to recognize their work. This year, twenty-three faculty members and graduate teaching assistants received honors. Among them were Claire Cronmiller, associate professor of biology, named to the Cavaliers' Distinguished Teaching Professorship, an endowed chair partly supported by athletic bowl earnings; Paul Freedman, assistant professor of politics, awarded the Alumni Board of Trustees Teaching Award; Pamela Kulbok, associate professor of nursing, given the USEMS Outstanding Teaching Award; and Kenneth Schwartz, associate professor of architecture, recipient of the Alumni Association Distinguished Professor Award.

All-University Teaching Awards were given to Gerard Alexander, associate professor of politics; Barry Cushman, professor of law and history; Dean Dass, professor of art; Jonathan Haidt, associate professor of psychology; Donald Jordan, assistant professor of engineering; Dr. Mark Mendelsohn, associate professor of medicine; Pamela Roland, assistant professor of continuing and professional studies; and Laura Smolkin, associate professor of education.

Faculty such as Dean Dass, above, were recognized for their superb teaching.

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